Monday, May 30, 2011

Buffday week - Sat 280511

My 2nd day filled with birthday-related events :)

My Flamo mates, namely Lih, Andy, Woon and Khai, again to my surprise, arrived at my house around the afternoon with a cake. They sang the unfamiliar cantonese style Happy birthday for me, which was so cute + funny. Aww.


Didn't expect you guys coming over at all. Thank you guys!! :) :) 

And it felt like Valentines day again. :)

That night, didn't want to go out, but got persuaded by Zac. And Mum too. Mum wanted me out of the house real bad, want me not to EMO at home tho i really wouldn't mind doing so. :)

Anyways Zac was our driver that night. We went to eat at Station One, The Hills Mall. And then to Green Hills lounge to meet up with some friends.

My Ribena Sparkling and sis's Mocha Chip Blended @ Station One. Yums.

From top: Hawaiian Pizza, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Butter milk Spaghetti and Lasagna. 

Food was great there, but I didn't know the spaghetti was supposed to be that spicy. Was it supposed to be spicy in the first place? >< Lol.

P.S. I still snapped a picture of you hope you don't mind! :)

More cakes. Presents and another bouquet. Honestly, it felt like Valentines Day once more. Lucky girl i am.

Thank you friend.
It really meant a lot and I do feel really flattered. 
You don't know me at all and yet you're doing all these nice stuff for me. 
Thank you again. :)

And after all that, one more surprise from my family. Look at sis's face. LOL EPIC. 

Ahhh Mum you shouldn't have!!  

It's my fav - unbaked cheese cake. Lemon and chocolate layered, bottomed with crushed salted cookies. Simple design but love it. Thank you Mum C':

P.S. I wanted 0 cakes but got 4 instead. What more could I ask for? :)

With all the love,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Burfday week - Fri 270511 :)

OMG so vain ikr! :P

This is me tonight, on my birthday night, staying at home. Not out celebrating.

I'm not sad or anything don't worry! And I'm certainly not abondoned. :P I had a great bday. And I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

So basically i just didn't want to celebrate my birthday in the first place. I requested mum to not bake a cake for me, and I told my bestie not to do anything bout it. Reason? I had an awesome surprise party last year, from my friends and Mum and sis. Loved it and appreciated it to the max. And I know they put in alot of effort for it.

Missed my last bday? READ bout it here :)

So this year, I promise myself not to trouble my loved ones anymore. Honestly, even if there's no celebration, I'm fully aware of how much I'm loved already. :)

But then...

...I still got a small pre-buffday celebration at Mcd's with my friends. :)
It was supposed to be a post-exams celebration. But instead, they got me an awesome Chocolate cake too and sang Happy Birthday for me. Aww it was so sweet I was so so touched. Words just can't describe the feeling you know?

After the birthday song, my friends poked 19 fries into the cake and forced me to pick them out one by one with my mouth LOL. Look at the pair of evil hands putting in tiny bits of fries! Gave me a really hard time it did. xD

And this is the card I got from my U6S1 classmates. It really made me feel like crying when i was reading it. I just love it so so much. Thank you guys!! :) :)

And this card was passed to me through a tuition mate of Green Road. It's from my Flamo dance mates and it was such a surprise. Thank you guys for remembering :)

Received this during tuition too. From Bryan. :) We don't really know each other, but it's really nice of him to have gotten me a birthday gift. The bracelet is gorgeous, thank you very much!

That is all from my past Friday. Will update bout my Saturday soon! C:

With all the love,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dance workshop + Hello holidays :)

Yay my 2-week exams has just ended! And a big HELLO to my 2-week holidays. :D

Exams were as stressful as usual. But towards the end of it I've lost all motivation and I kindda just gave up studying. Glad it's over.

A little something on what i've been up to before the exams started:

Got myself new slippers :)

Got Daddy SUB tees as he's bday gift.

Went for Mcflurry with sis, her bf and his new haircut LOL. :P

Got a little BEST FRIEND gift from my bro in school. Awww.

Made a cake for a friend's bday. :)

Oh I've participated in a dance workshop on the weekend in between my exams. I was so so glad Mum actually let me join. 21-22 May, 12-7pm each day, with instructors from Soul Rhythm, Johor. 

(Keryn on 31/5/2013: All pictures gone :C)

Hours of non-stop dancing was just awesome beyond words. :D

Other than my usual styles, Hip hop and Street Jazz, I've learned also LA style, Popping, Locking, Wacking, Breaking and House. :D It's a pity they don't teach Reggae and Krump cuz although they're considered manly dances but I love those two styles too.

But from the workshop, I know positively I won't go deeper into Locking. Cuz it's just too fast! And by fast I mean crazy fast, and I can't really catch up with the routines. >< And for breaking, no can do too. lol

People tend to assume that I'm a great dancer. I'm flattered, but honestly speaking, I'm just an intermediate. I'm thankful tho, for "I'm not the best, but i'm also not the worst" - Quote bboy Styler. :) No doubt I wanna be pro, but I still have a long way to go. I have the passion, but i lack confidence. I don't do expressions when I dance, and i tend to forget routines when I find people looking at me. ><

I LOVE TO DANCE!! So I will work hard to overcome my flaws and become better.

With all the love,

You know what? 2 days after today is my 19th birthday!! Will update about it soon. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello everybody.

Kxin has straightened her hair and is back to having fringe again. :) Feedback is not required but very much welcomed. xD  

Update, our package has won Champion for the Foot drill competition!! ^^

So I've updated my playlist, and this post will basically be all about it. :)

I always have readers/random people asking me what are the names of the songs in my blog, which is something I find very flattering :). I'd love to tell, tho most of the time I'll have to repeatedly answer, 'I have more than 1 song in my playlist, so I don't know which one are you talking bout sorry,' for it's true. lol

And with that I've decided to post my song entire song list here, and I do hope it helps. :)

1. Have I told you lately - Olivia Ong
2. Let's start from here - Joanna Wang
3. Your song - Emi Fujita
4. Baby it's cold outside - Norah Jones
5. Girl in Paris - Aldo Giovanni
6. It must've been love - Roxette
7. Bruises - Chairlift
8. Save the last dance for me - Michael Buble
9. Creating love - 4Minute
10. I'll write you a letter - Kara
11. I already miss you - G. Na

The purple highlighted ones are some of my favorite singers and I'm sure you'll keep hearing their songs in my playlists. They are super good singers of Jazz and Bossa, recommends! :D

Hope you guys will enjoy the updated playlist! And I would love if you guys could introduce to me singers of the music genres I love. Would appreciate that a lot a lot. :)

With all the love,

P.S. sorry for the lack of updates! Sem exam next week. Wish me luck. :D

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mum's Day :)

Last Sunday was Mother's Day. :)

And the above was the simple little arrangement I set up for Mum to show her my appreciation. I set it up at midnight, so Mum could see it before she went off to work on Mother's day itself.

Chicken chop with fries and water-boiled veg.

Lunch I cooked for Mum. :) Well i didn't literally cooked it, cuz I was assisted by mommy the whole way. (I'm not a good cook i only cook fried foods and instant noodles and packet spaghetti and those simple stuff hehe) Glad it turned out great and yummy tho! :)

Dear Mommy,

Happy Mother's Day! 

I'm sorry I've been really bad and that I'm a disappointment to you at times. I'm sorry I did things that you were not proud of in the past. I'm sorry for being stubborn and hotheaded most of the time. I'm sorry I'm not a thankful lot and that I always complain you for not giving birth to a prettier me. I'm sorry I made you cry uncountable times. :C

But above all that, you know I still love you with all my heart. And do you know that you are my motivation to succeed in life? Without you I don't know what I would've become today. And I couldn't imagine me being who I am now if it weren't for you. Also, I super super appreciate the 9 months of hardship and the painful delivery you went through to bring about my existence. You're the best. :')

Mommy, I couldn't imagine life without you, do you know? So please, take good care of yourself and stay healthy forever okay. And if you ever need a kidney (just for instance ><) or whatever it is you name it, I'll give it to you without second thoughts. That's my vow to you. :)

Mum I love you.

With all the love,