Monday, May 30, 2011

Buffday week - Sat 280511

My 2nd day filled with birthday-related events :)

My Flamo mates, namely Lih, Andy, Woon and Khai, again to my surprise, arrived at my house around the afternoon with a cake. They sang the unfamiliar cantonese style Happy birthday for me, which was so cute + funny. Aww.


Didn't expect you guys coming over at all. Thank you guys!! :) :) 

And it felt like Valentines day again. :)

That night, didn't want to go out, but got persuaded by Zac. And Mum too. Mum wanted me out of the house real bad, want me not to EMO at home tho i really wouldn't mind doing so. :)

Anyways Zac was our driver that night. We went to eat at Station One, The Hills Mall. And then to Green Hills lounge to meet up with some friends.

My Ribena Sparkling and sis's Mocha Chip Blended @ Station One. Yums.

From top: Hawaiian Pizza, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Butter milk Spaghetti and Lasagna. 

Food was great there, but I didn't know the spaghetti was supposed to be that spicy. Was it supposed to be spicy in the first place? >< Lol.

P.S. I still snapped a picture of you hope you don't mind! :)

More cakes. Presents and another bouquet. Honestly, it felt like Valentines Day once more. Lucky girl i am.

Thank you friend.
It really meant a lot and I do feel really flattered. 
You don't know me at all and yet you're doing all these nice stuff for me. 
Thank you again. :)

And after all that, one more surprise from my family. Look at sis's face. LOL EPIC. 

Ahhh Mum you shouldn't have!!  

It's my fav - unbaked cheese cake. Lemon and chocolate layered, bottomed with crushed salted cookies. Simple design but love it. Thank you Mum C':

P.S. I wanted 0 cakes but got 4 instead. What more could I ask for? :)

With all the love,


Michelle Yau said...

Lucky girl!! Glad u had a great b'day! You're a sweet girl so u deserve it!! Hehe ^^

kxin♥ said...

Aww that is such a nice thing to hear! Thanks girl :)