Sunday, May 29, 2011

Burfday week - Fri 270511 :)

OMG so vain ikr! :P

This is me tonight, on my birthday night, staying at home. Not out celebrating.

I'm not sad or anything don't worry! And I'm certainly not abondoned. :P I had a great bday. And I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

So basically i just didn't want to celebrate my birthday in the first place. I requested mum to not bake a cake for me, and I told my bestie not to do anything bout it. Reason? I had an awesome surprise party last year, from my friends and Mum and sis. Loved it and appreciated it to the max. And I know they put in alot of effort for it.

Missed my last bday? READ bout it here :)

So this year, I promise myself not to trouble my loved ones anymore. Honestly, even if there's no celebration, I'm fully aware of how much I'm loved already. :)

But then...

...I still got a small pre-buffday celebration at Mcd's with my friends. :)
It was supposed to be a post-exams celebration. But instead, they got me an awesome Chocolate cake too and sang Happy Birthday for me. Aww it was so sweet I was so so touched. Words just can't describe the feeling you know?

After the birthday song, my friends poked 19 fries into the cake and forced me to pick them out one by one with my mouth LOL. Look at the pair of evil hands putting in tiny bits of fries! Gave me a really hard time it did. xD

And this is the card I got from my U6S1 classmates. It really made me feel like crying when i was reading it. I just love it so so much. Thank you guys!! :) :)

And this card was passed to me through a tuition mate of Green Road. It's from my Flamo dance mates and it was such a surprise. Thank you guys for remembering :)

Received this during tuition too. From Bryan. :) We don't really know each other, but it's really nice of him to have gotten me a birthday gift. The bracelet is gorgeous, thank you very much!

That is all from my past Friday. Will update bout my Saturday soon! C:

With all the love,

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