Friday, May 27, 2011

Dance workshop + Hello holidays :)

Yay my 2-week exams has just ended! And a big HELLO to my 2-week holidays. :D

Exams were as stressful as usual. But towards the end of it I've lost all motivation and I kindda just gave up studying. Glad it's over.

A little something on what i've been up to before the exams started:

Got myself new slippers :)

Got Daddy SUB tees as he's bday gift.

Went for Mcflurry with sis, her bf and his new haircut LOL. :P

Got a little BEST FRIEND gift from my bro in school. Awww.

Made a cake for a friend's bday. :)

Oh I've participated in a dance workshop on the weekend in between my exams. I was so so glad Mum actually let me join. 21-22 May, 12-7pm each day, with instructors from Soul Rhythm, Johor. 

(Keryn on 31/5/2013: All pictures gone :C)

Hours of non-stop dancing was just awesome beyond words. :D

Other than my usual styles, Hip hop and Street Jazz, I've learned also LA style, Popping, Locking, Wacking, Breaking and House. :D It's a pity they don't teach Reggae and Krump cuz although they're considered manly dances but I love those two styles too.

But from the workshop, I know positively I won't go deeper into Locking. Cuz it's just too fast! And by fast I mean crazy fast, and I can't really catch up with the routines. >< And for breaking, no can do too. lol

People tend to assume that I'm a great dancer. I'm flattered, but honestly speaking, I'm just an intermediate. I'm thankful tho, for "I'm not the best, but i'm also not the worst" - Quote bboy Styler. :) No doubt I wanna be pro, but I still have a long way to go. I have the passion, but i lack confidence. I don't do expressions when I dance, and i tend to forget routines when I find people looking at me. ><

I LOVE TO DANCE!! So I will work hard to overcome my flaws and become better.

With all the love,

You know what? 2 days after today is my 19th birthday!! Will update about it soon. :)

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