Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Damai trip 18-190611 :D

Went off for a relaxing weekend at Damai Beach in between school weeks. :)

So I went there with my BL friends namely YianPing, WeiYin, SingChee, Brian, Wolele, Sean, KahSoon, Jerome, Leroy, WeiPin, Jeffrey, YenShing, Ning, and 3 newly made friends Jo, Edwin and Jin Yi. :)

At first I doubted whether or not to go, because I'm not very close to the group of friends that invited me. I was worried that I might be odded out from the group. 

But I so didn't regret going! :D Everyone was so nice, and at the end of the trip everyone grew close to each other. :DD

Everyone was so excited to be going to the pool already. :D

I was the photographer for the pool section as I didn't get into the water for certain reasons. But I enjoyed watching them have fun and be silly. :D

The guys split into teams of 5 and played Chicken. Ah I love this game. xD

Wolele got aggressive lol, and in the end he won!

Then we went down to the beach and I'm so lucky to say that the weather was really pretty that day. :)

Enjoyed the water and the sunset with awesome mates, and we took loads of pictures there. :D

And we played volley ball! My first time. :D

Then the traditional all-so-epic jumping pictures. xD

Dinner at Buntal.

When we got back we started with the games at around 11pm.

We played Murderer, Inspector, Healer and "Xiao Mui Mui" lol. Not sure if you know the game, but it was really fun. :D

Then the hardcore stuff were brought out at around 1am, lol, and the drinking game started.

To be continued... Till then. :)

With all the love,


Sean said...
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Sean said...

Nice blog :)
Sui ohhhhhh~~~~

yc said...

uisehhh..i saw my fb name...wolele..HAHAHAHAH...proud to see it at leng lui's blog..=P

kxin♥ said...

Haha Wolele X). Thanks Pong pong. :D