Monday, June 6, 2011

Kpop for the guys ;)

Everyone knows I love Kpop right? :) If you don't, screw you! Hehe just kidding.

I'm here today to introduce some of my favs for the moment to ya'll. Well all the songs introduced today are sang by girl groups, so yeah, it's meant for the guys. :P

 Ma Boy - Sistar 19

Oh my boy, oh ma boy babeh~~ I super love this song! It has a good beat going on. And the girls are HOT. Also, there's this simple yet effective dance move in the chorus that i'm sure all the guys would love. x) Check it out.

A - Rainbow

To Me - Rainbow

Two songs sang by Rainbow.  

If you're the leg-type of guy (guys who love to look at woman's legs, lol admit it), then you'll love this two vids. And I've self-learnt the dance of A, so it goes to show that the choreography for that song is nice, lol. :D

Like This Or That -5Dolls

No other word to describe but hot. Love the dance :)

I Don't Know - A Pink

Starlight Moonlight - Secret

Pink Rocket - Dal Shabet

And these 3 songs above are for the guys that love the cute-girl type. 

I don't know- I love this song so much. With the uniform and the routines, it has the Girl's Generation feel to it. :)  Pink Rocket- I don't really like the song but I love the "Ah ah ah~~" parts where they interchange scenes between characters, so cute!

Oh btw, I've watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with my siblings in the cinema last Friday. :D

I was totally against the idea of having to go watch this movie since the very beginning. But then I certainly did not regret doing so. :D This movie is soo much better than the first one, in my opinion.

Laughed a lot during. Epic scenes! Tho I wouldn't wanna be a spoiler and give away too much. :P Baby Po is just too too adorable. And I cried 2 times, lol. Rate 8/10.

All I can say is it's worth the money and the time. So don't miss it! :)

With all the love,

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