Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MCE 18-200611

With Ting, Wai and Xian during the MCE Young Choral Symposium 2011 held last weekend. We are all choir members of SMK Batu Lingtang :)

Choir members of many school eg. St. Teresa, St. Mary, SM Lodge took part in this 3-day event with us. Friday night - whole day Saturday - morn till 4pm of Sunday. :)

One of our choir instructors for the event, Mr Branko Stark, all the way from Croatia. He is an internationally choir personality and I can't believe I have the chance to meet the guy that composed some of the choir songs we sang. :D He's very charismatic and funny man.

Camwhore session when workshops got boring. :P

It was Sunday and we were all lying on the floor for rehearsal reasons. :D

A mini choir concert was held at 3pm Sunday to showcase to parents what their children learned for the past weekend. We were all dressed in red for the occasion :)

Group picture with tutors and all the participants. :D Spot me? Lol no, it's impossible.

With Mr Branko and Mdm. Susanna, another choir instructor from Peni M'sia. :)

And our wonderful choir teacher of SMK Batu Lintang, Mdm Luk. :)

I've learned alot during. :D And i'm taking this opportunity here to introduce choir music to all my friends out there. Singing alone is enjoying no doubt, but the feeling of singing in a group is purely magical. :) Embrace it!

With all the love,

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