Friday, June 17, 2011

Mum's Bday

It was my beloved mum's 47th birthday the past 16th May. :)

Look at her, looking all so cute and happy. lol

It was a school night, so we only went for a simple celebration at Pizza Hut, Jalan Song. Lil bro was there with us too, but he's camera shy. >< lol

The choc ice-blended that was on 50% off promotion that day. :) (Banyak macam la the two faces behind lol)

 The brochure of the Wow Savers 50% Discount Promotion on going right now. Promotes :)

Had the classic Hawaiian Chicken. But lil bro chose the Crunchy Crust. First time trying this type of crust and I don't like it, cuz it feit like eating crispy toast or somewhat of Roti Canai. Still prefers pan crust or stuffed crust tho. :)

But then, if you like toast or roti canai, then why not? Just go for it. :) lol

Now on to the presents she received:

Shinny belt from Fashion Girl, a gift from lil sis. :)

Nose bracelet from me.

It's nothing big. But Mum says she likes it very much so I'm happy with my choice :)

 Blingafied earrings from cuzzie Jenjen, mum's god daughter. :)

Us three didn't plan with each other what to get for her before hand.

But coincidentally, Mum now has a brand new and complete set of quality accessories for her next on-stage singing performance, lol. *applause* :D

Oh and she received a new phone from her best friend. So awesome! :D

Happy 47th to you!  
Haha I'm always reminding her of how old she is now. :P
Happy always kay. :) :)
Love you Mum. 

With all the love,


Poison said...

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imCJ said...

omg ur mum is soo cute~ likey~!

kxin♥ said...

@CJ Haha. want me to introduce? :P