Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mum's singing competition 030611

You might go "What...?" at your end of the computer screen, lol. But no, you read it right, my mum went for a singing competition yesterday. And I was there to give her support. :)

Before all that, we went to have an early dinner at Chicago 7.

The first dish is called "2pcs chicken with rice", which was weird for me when i ordered lol. Maybe it's because I'm used to the KFC set meals with names like "Dinner plate" or "Chicken rice combo". Think i'm being overly picky i'm sorry. lol
2nd dish is "Chicago Burger Cow" or "Cow burger" or smth like that I forgot. >< But I don't like it, and Mum didn't like it too so yeah. Chips was alright tho.

Mum and bro. :)

Mummy looking good, all dolled up for the competition, posing in the restaurant. 

Singing competition held in the H&L shopping complex at Tabuan. The venue was not really spacious and it was located in between shops. Well at least the stage is nicely decorated and the lighting was alright.

And I couldn't believe how many people showed up to watch the competition that evening. lol

I was bored so I started to camwhore. Hehe. That's my cuzzie YM btw. You've probably seen her a few times on my blog before. :)

It was Mum's turn and I think I was more excited than her, lol. Mum did really good overall. Although I thought her performance was awesome, she was not pleased with herself as she thought her ending note wasn't presented well.

In the end, she actually got 8th place among 30+ contestants. OMG I'm so proud of her! And she's only started singing since like, 3 months ago? And this was only her 2nd time competing.  


I used to be the one asking her to sing, and she always refused to. Saying that she dislike singing and all. But now, she has outraced me in terms of passion for singing omg. lol. Well, you'll have my support all the way k. :)

With all the love,


Anonymous said...

OMG I was there u noe XP

weech'ng said...

Unbelievable courage!!

imCJ said...

sporting mummy! respect!

kxin♥ said...

@Anonymous I'm so curious who are you. :P

@Wch'ng Ikr I don't think I'd be able to do that :x

@Cj You are so into my mum right. I can tell :P