Friday, June 17, 2011

School Reopening Week

Happy AFTER Holidays. :/

It's been one week since school reopen now. Sighs and results from the last exam, BAD. But apart from all the crap, I received some belated bday presents from my classmates. Made me smile :)

Mug from Josh, Pris, Yap and Nigel. :)

Eyemask and notebook from Yun, Vivy and Yanmei. :)

Necklace from Lily. :)

Super cute handmade bookmark from Qi. :) 

Okay a special report on the special mug: It changes colour when you pour hot water into it. Cool! LOL call me a 'frog in a well' all you want, but I honestly never seen any mug like this before. Take a look. :D



After cooling down, it'll change back to the original state. What do you think? I still think it's pretty cool teehee. Love it :D

Had lunch with ma sisters after school on Tuesday. :)

Random : My cozy-looking study area I spend most of my nights. :)

 Me in my pjs, looking sleepy. :)

My Note-to-self. lol

With all the love,

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