Saturday, July 30, 2011

My statuses :)

Hey people. :)

This post is regarding my recent Facebook statuses. I know some were random and really confusing to people. So yeah, here to clear some question marks!

"Bye bye darling. :C"

Notice why I didn't update my blog these few days? Loads going on but.....  

I broke my cam. Yup, my super new super darling cam, so NO MORE PICTURES. :C

How did I break it? Don't ask. It's just sad. JUST SAD. :C I regret it so badly I won't ever do that again I promise! What's a blogger got to do without a camera anyways my gosh. I want my baby back. :C

"Ahhhh so nervous! Somebody kill me please." 
 "Tomorrow - do or die. Good luck to all ma friends :D"

I joined my first ever chinese-song singing competition last Sunday!

Lol so random. An applause for my courage please? Hands shaking, went off beat twice. lol but luckily I didn't go off pitch or anything more embarrassing la.

Oh and out of 40+ contestants, I actually got into the semi-finals of 20 peeps. Hahahahaha didn't expect that at all. But yeah, I'm happy with my achievements. I'll try my best tho I don't think I can get into the finals of 10 peeps. Final's gonna be held at Kuching Fest btw. So exciting :D

Where and when is semi-finals? Nope not telling. :P Wouldn't want to let you guys down if I didn't get into the finals. And I'd appreciate if you guys would come and support but no, I've stage fright. Hope you understand. :)

"Can't help it, but I probably should stop letting good guys slip away."

It was just a random day when I looked back and find that there were many great guys around me that I didn't appreciate or make a move, and I just let them go just like that. And I always happen to choose the ones that end up hurting me. It's stupid but yeah, that's what girls do. I trust too easily. I'm not regretting it. Just feeling tiny bit of remorse, that's all. :)

Awesome guys continue showing up. But I have Stpm to focus on so yeah. Not planning on getting into a relationship now. Gonna miss out more great guys? I hope not.

"Why am i so tham chiak :C"

I think I don't have to explain this one. LOL.

P.S. This feeling of missing someone is getting sorta intense. I wanna see you soon. :C

Kay enough with the negative energy.

Life goes on. I deserve to smile. :) Update soon!

With all the love,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dance Performance :)

Performed last Saturday at CHMS 1 NTV7 Carnival and it was my first dance performance with Soul Dance. :)

Smoky eyes with grey contacts to match my black top and jeans.

The stage I performed on that day and the crowd of people :D Ke Qing 可晴 was there that day promoting her cd btw. And a perk of being a dancer was that I got to go back stage and watch her from there.

She actually came back stage to rest and I could've asked for a picture with her but idk why I didn't. Not really a fan I guess, lol. But then again, she really petite and quiet cute a girl. And I heard her sing live it was quite good. Maybe I could start listening to her songs. :)

Soul Dance dancers. :) 

They're practically like family with each other. And yes, they are awesome at what they do. I so wish I could be part of them one day.

Here's some of my friends from students class that were also chosen to perform. :)

Me on stage. :) 

It was a short routine but I'm happy to get to be on stage dancing again. Surely you could tell from my expression hehe. :) I will work harder to earn my spot in the next performance.
Pic credit to Wch'ng. :)

With all the love,

Out and about :)


Went to Tarot opposite The Spring to celebrate 3 of my babes' early birthday. :)

The birthday peeps - Cheng, Vivy, Ive :)

One thing I love about Tarot are the drinks. Always looks so good and never fail to impress.

Looks so serene and peaceful. :)  

Feel like listening to Bossa Nova when I look at this drink. lol

Spearmint. I remember this cuz it's the drink representing my horoscope Gemini. :)


And this drink just looks YUM.

Chocoholics like me would definitely be tempted by this drink but fyi, it's a coffee drink. Aww ikr. :P


Random food. I like my dish (pic above), forgot the name. :)

And of course not forgetting the awesome cake for the August babies. x)

And I just realized I forgot to take a group pic. Oh man so fail. :C

Then Ive and I went to join YianPing, GiaLer, Wolele and WeiYin for k session at Kbox. :)

I'm. Surrounded. By. Awesome. People. :D 

And yesh I enjoyed myself alot. :D

And I'm sure Ive did too. x) (Gosh I love this pic of her whee! <3)

In the mean time I've made a promise to myself that I'll stop going for k sessions. Too many trips to Kbox not only harms my focus on my studies,  it harms my wallet at the same time. lol

Oh and a shout out to Michelle, a sweet girl I met at dancing who had just celebrated her birthday.  

Happy Birthday girl. Rock on. :D

With all the love,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

BL Sports Day 13-140711

I'm from House Amethyst and I'm proud of it! :D

So about sports day, I've had all the pictures uploaded into my Facebook. But just so if you're lazy to go through all the 200+ pictures there, I've compiled some pics here to show you how my 2 days at the Jubilee Fields went in short. :)

Day 1

The event started with marching of all the uniform squads and the houses. 

Then I went down to the fields to shoot some close ups of the events going on, with my 'unpro' cam. :D It was something I never done during sports days cuz I usually stayed back at the stands to keep away from getting tanned lol.

Keryn in action. x)

Pics with friends around the place lol. I'M A PICCA ADDICT :D

Group picture before lunch time.

In the car. :)

Day 2

The day started with Ive and I finding a silly WIRA while we were on our way to Jubilee. lol

2nd day everyone was bits lazier so we stayed back at the stand most of the time.... and watched cute guys run. LOLOLOL.

And we had ice cream. :D

Our class teacher Mr. Sanada. :)

Then lunchtime again, lol. And today was at Hock Lee's SCR. :)

Arcade again. :D

Scores of Jayson and mine on the basketball machine.

Gosh it was so close a match. I was only 7 points behind him and that was like, only 2 shots less. :) But yeah, the basketball machine is my fav game at the arcades, apart from the dancing machine. :D

Got bored so we did what we did. LOL. From left: Adrian, Me, Ive and Vivy.

Two of us even stood up and tried to walk. LOL.

In the end, 1st Runner up went to- AMETHYST!! :)

Champion 2011 - DIAMOND. 

And that's the end of the all so awesome Sports day 2011. :) I had a great time! Again, it felt great belonging to a big group of people that all worked hard to bring an event to success. :)

With all the love,