Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dance Performance :)

Performed last Saturday at CHMS 1 NTV7 Carnival and it was my first dance performance with Soul Dance. :)

Smoky eyes with grey contacts to match my black top and jeans.

The stage I performed on that day and the crowd of people :D Ke Qing 可晴 was there that day promoting her cd btw. And a perk of being a dancer was that I got to go back stage and watch her from there.

She actually came back stage to rest and I could've asked for a picture with her but idk why I didn't. Not really a fan I guess, lol. But then again, she really petite and quiet cute a girl. And I heard her sing live it was quite good. Maybe I could start listening to her songs. :)

Soul Dance dancers. :) 

They're practically like family with each other. And yes, they are awesome at what they do. I so wish I could be part of them one day.

Here's some of my friends from students class that were also chosen to perform. :)

Me on stage. :) 

It was a short routine but I'm happy to get to be on stage dancing again. Surely you could tell from my expression hehe. :) I will work harder to earn my spot in the next performance.
Pic credit to Wch'ng. :)

With all the love,

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