Saturday, July 30, 2011

My statuses :)

Hey people. :)

This post is regarding my recent Facebook statuses. I know some were random and really confusing to people. So yeah, here to clear some question marks!

"Bye bye darling. :C"

Notice why I didn't update my blog these few days? Loads going on but.....  

I broke my cam. Yup, my super new super darling cam, so NO MORE PICTURES. :C

How did I break it? Don't ask. It's just sad. JUST SAD. :C I regret it so badly I won't ever do that again I promise! What's a blogger got to do without a camera anyways my gosh. I want my baby back. :C

"Ahhhh so nervous! Somebody kill me please." 
 "Tomorrow - do or die. Good luck to all ma friends :D"

I joined my first ever chinese-song singing competition last Sunday!

Lol so random. An applause for my courage please? Hands shaking, went off beat twice. lol but luckily I didn't go off pitch or anything more embarrassing la.

Oh and out of 40+ contestants, I actually got into the semi-finals of 20 peeps. Hahahahaha didn't expect that at all. But yeah, I'm happy with my achievements. I'll try my best tho I don't think I can get into the finals of 10 peeps. Final's gonna be held at Kuching Fest btw. So exciting :D

Where and when is semi-finals? Nope not telling. :P Wouldn't want to let you guys down if I didn't get into the finals. And I'd appreciate if you guys would come and support but no, I've stage fright. Hope you understand. :)

"Can't help it, but I probably should stop letting good guys slip away."

It was just a random day when I looked back and find that there were many great guys around me that I didn't appreciate or make a move, and I just let them go just like that. And I always happen to choose the ones that end up hurting me. It's stupid but yeah, that's what girls do. I trust too easily. I'm not regretting it. Just feeling tiny bit of remorse, that's all. :)

Awesome guys continue showing up. But I have Stpm to focus on so yeah. Not planning on getting into a relationship now. Gonna miss out more great guys? I hope not.

"Why am i so tham chiak :C"

I think I don't have to explain this one. LOL.

P.S. This feeling of missing someone is getting sorta intense. I wanna see you soon. :C

Kay enough with the negative energy.

Life goes on. I deserve to smile. :) Update soon!

With all the love,


weech'ng said...

AWww! cam?! sorry to hear that.=( good luck for upcoming comp!

kxin♥ said...

Oh wells. Thanks anyway C:

BuLaiEn said...

U wanna who soon oh ?? Me arh ?? =( ... Smile always bah ... You are very beautiful and the most beautiful among all the girls i known when u smile !! =D

kxin♥ said...

Hahahahaha thanks! I will keep smiling C:

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