Saturday, July 23, 2011

Out and about :)


Went to Tarot opposite The Spring to celebrate 3 of my babes' early birthday. :)

The birthday peeps - Cheng, Vivy, Ive :)

One thing I love about Tarot are the drinks. Always looks so good and never fail to impress.

Looks so serene and peaceful. :)  

Feel like listening to Bossa Nova when I look at this drink. lol

Spearmint. I remember this cuz it's the drink representing my horoscope Gemini. :)


And this drink just looks YUM.

Chocoholics like me would definitely be tempted by this drink but fyi, it's a coffee drink. Aww ikr. :P


Random food. I like my dish (pic above), forgot the name. :)

And of course not forgetting the awesome cake for the August babies. x)

And I just realized I forgot to take a group pic. Oh man so fail. :C

Then Ive and I went to join YianPing, GiaLer, Wolele and WeiYin for k session at Kbox. :)

I'm. Surrounded. By. Awesome. People. :D 

And yesh I enjoyed myself alot. :D

And I'm sure Ive did too. x) (Gosh I love this pic of her whee! <3)

In the mean time I've made a promise to myself that I'll stop going for k sessions. Too many trips to Kbox not only harms my focus on my studies,  it harms my wallet at the same time. lol

Oh and a shout out to Michelle, a sweet girl I met at dancing who had just celebrated her birthday.  

Happy Birthday girl. Rock on. :D

With all the love,

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