Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random update 12/07

I got complained for not updating my blog more frequently, lol.

Well I didn't mean to not update. I want to, really. And it's not like I'm busy or what (but yes, i'm quite busy recently :D). It's just that I honestly have nothing to update about- and THAT is irritating.

So hehe, I randomly decided to post some pics of Vanilla and I to show y'all how big and handsome he is now. :)

...But LOL he just won't stop moving! >< Gosh, EPIC FAIL i know. xD

Hehe moving on.

Girls, look here!

White is the new black - Vivi April 2011 issue. :)

(I know it's already July and all... But what the heck! x) )

Let's all keep away our colourful clothing and put on white. But never forget to accessorize! Add on touches of greyish denim and beige accessories to pull the whole outfit together. Else all white you'll just look bland, and no, we wouldn't want that. :)

White can make you look sexy yet sweet. Cute yet sophisticated. Awesome IKR. :D

With all the love,

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