Sunday, August 28, 2011

In China FINALE: 杭州西湖

Haha I know. It's already more than half a year since my trip to China. But yeah, I remember I've promised to have the last post posted. So here goes. :)

Oh and if you've missed the rest of my China trip, you can click on the Traveling and Holidays category and read about them there. :)

This was our second last day at China I think. We were back in Hang Zhou and we visited the West Lake again. But during this visit, we decided to rent bikes and go on the sightseeing journey by ourselves. :)

(P.S. Can't seem to get a quality upload for the picture above Idk why :O)

Me, on yellow. :D

Sis on red and Daddy on blue.

Vlog #4

A short vlog shot during my biking journey. :)

We had ice cold wind blowing against our faces and our fingers went numb. Along the way daddy was complaining reluctantly of why we had to force him to accompany us on this ride and not let him rest in the hotel, with the cold weather and all. But I'm sure he enjoyed the bike ride too. :P

It takes around 2-3 hours to ride around the whole lake, which we actually did. It was truly a fulfilling feeling as I felt that we've accomplished something. :D

Random pretty winter scenery shots. :)

Autumn would have been even more beautiful to shoot don't you think?

We made stops along the way and took some pictures, as there are many botanical gardens and temples surrounding the lake.

But we only manage to visit some places. It was because we started our ride around the noon-evening time and we wanted to get back before nightfall. So yeah, missed a lot actually. So next time if you do get the chance to have this bikeride, I suggest you do a morning one. :)

I love this picture I took. :)

Think this was taken at the garden names Guo's Villa if i'm not mistaken.

And on our last day, we did some shopping during the day and took off for the airport at around 9pm that night. We were so worried we might miss the snowing because it hasn't been snowing although the weather reports said it would. And luckily it did. FINALLY :D

At the Hang Zhou Airport. :) Looks no different than our Kuching International Airport *proud. Lol.

Vlog #5

Keryn being silly. x)

Outside the airport to have some shots of the snow. :)

Oh and silly sis packed some into a plastic and brought them back to Malaysia for her bf Zac. Lol.

Yum yum on the plane back home. :)

BONUS TIME. Random shots from sister's camera. :D

On Christmas Eve. :)

Lil sis's adorable freezing face. Lol

We have 3 cameras. x)

At The Bund.

   Playing cards in the plane with Daddy dearest.

The end. :D Don't ask why was I sleeping all the time okay. Haha, I have slumber issues. x)

Vlog #6

Last vlog. Random full-of-nothingness video with Kxin on the dancing machine. :D

(Only watch this when you're free or have nothing to do lol.)

Kxin was in China baby!! Lol.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed this post. :) (Apologies to the innocent car owner hehehe.)

With all the love,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Final Destination 5 outing

Exam week has passed by and here comes our one-week Raya holidays. :)

But there's nothing much to be happy about really. Because two weeks after school reopen there will be another mock exam awaiting me. Sighs. Guess I'll just have to bare with life as it is for now.

Well earlier this afternoon me and my friends celebrated after-exams by watching Final Destination 5. I wanted to watch the 3D one but they complain it's too expensive :C

Movie was similar to the past films. Gory, epic deaths of main characters under the most unexpected circumstances. Smart plot and I love the ending (Spoiler) where they linked it with the past film, the one with the plane crash. And then there's this twist in this film that, for the first time ever among the 5 films, turned main characters against themselves.  Tho I believe the movie would be so much better if watched 3D tho, lotsa effects missed. Rate 7/10.

P.S. Main character, reminded me of YOU.

So anyways... I curled my hair today. Soft curls at the ends C:

Starbucks before. :)

And Food Bazaar after. :) First time eating from the new Thai stall.

So for the dish you get to choose from various bases (eg. bee hoon, mee, kuey tiaw, rice etc), sauces and also the meat (chicken, beef, prawn, fish etc) you prefer. I went for the Beef speghetti with Tom Yam sauce and my friend ordered the Chicken speghetti with 'Phad Bim' (or something rather). Rm6.80 for a huge dish that I couldn't finish even with an empty stomach. Not bad either. :)

Coincidentally wore Hello Kitty tops with Carolyn. :D But I feel the need to make clear that I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty heh.

With all the love,

Update. Randomnesss

I love my new Padini top. Listen to your heart. :)

Bryan's bday gathering. :)

No, not my sis who's won the trophy.

But it was my mum's. She got third for her most recent singing competition can you believe that? Her first tall trophy. :D And she won the hamper in the lucky draw session on the same night. Haha a lucky and very gleeful night for her it certainly was. :D

Tho there's no yummy chocolate treats in the hamper, and they even gave peas. Lol, so yeah. Hamper I don't like you. :C

A package came for sis a few days ago. Guess what's in it? Do take a guess. :D

But well don't bother trying I don't think you'll be able to come up with any answer close to it. So I'll just go ahead and tell you. :P

They are rm1000+ worth of cosplay items. Imported from Tao webshop.Wigs, costumes, accessories my gosh. And in the picture was my 'Whatttt the hell.......?' face while I was thinking the exact same thing in my mind lol. 

Luckily it's was shared among her and 2 of her friends. If not, whyyousocrazywastemoneyonthesecrapythingsimmatellonyou!

The wigs alone. @@

Haha gosh I don't get sis. Just like how she doesn't get me pitching in money crystallizing my things with expensive Swarovski loose crystals (what she said.) 

Haha all so random right. Kthxbye. :)

With all the love,