Friday, August 5, 2011

Appreciating the little things in life

Golf ♥

Daddy use to love playing golf back then. When I was younger he wanted me to indulge in this sport too, so he got me this FILA golf club set. I played a little but I never really found time to learn. Feeling bits regret for not appreciating the chance given to me to learn it *sigh.

The clubs were stored in the store room since many many years ago, and I just randomly thought about it so I took it out and thought I'd might as well share it here. C:

(Intro pic was really bad cuz it was all random hehe.)

 Isn't she a beauty. :)

Just noticed the how glittery and girly the clubs are.

Most of the clubs are still brand new, because I never got to try long distance strokes.

And this was only club I played with.

Another chance to remind myself of how unappreciative I was with what's been given to me. I wanna change, I needa change. :)

And I think Imma get myself into this sport when I'm older. :D

Pretty phone-accessory as a very very VERY belated birthday present from my bestie. (LOL I'm not complaining of how LATE the present came if that's what your thinking okay. :P)

I just wanna say that I love it so so much. :D And she put in a lock so to lock me on and to stay with her forever? x)

Pic above was me on stage last Sunday, competing in the semi-finals of the singing competition I joined. :) (Sis's only shot of me that night)

I thought my performance that night would be better than the qualification round. But I stand corrected. :C I was even more nervous and I could see the mic shaking right in front of my eyes. Scary feeling you know. Oh and I stuttered and got short of breath for a second. And from that second I screwed up, the rest of the song just went down with it. So, obviously I knew I'm not getting into finals.

After the song, I cried once I reached the back stage. I did not cry because I wouldn't be able to get myself through to the next round. I cried because I let myself down. And moreover, I let all the people who came to support me down. I won't be that sad if I sang the whole thing properly and did not get in. I was devastated because I can't even deliver a good performance as a whole. Ahhh, just so disappointed in myself.

People comforted me saying I did well, for an amateur in singing competition (Only my 2nd time on stage singing). And some told me they like my voice. :) So yeah, I'll try harder if there's a next time. But for now, STPM. C:

With all the love,

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