Saturday, August 27, 2011

Final Destination 5 outing

Exam week has passed by and here comes our one-week Raya holidays. :)

But there's nothing much to be happy about really. Because two weeks after school reopen there will be another mock exam awaiting me. Sighs. Guess I'll just have to bare with life as it is for now.

Well earlier this afternoon me and my friends celebrated after-exams by watching Final Destination 5. I wanted to watch the 3D one but they complain it's too expensive :C

Movie was similar to the past films. Gory, epic deaths of main characters under the most unexpected circumstances. Smart plot and I love the ending (Spoiler) where they linked it with the past film, the one with the plane crash. And then there's this twist in this film that, for the first time ever among the 5 films, turned main characters against themselves.  Tho I believe the movie would be so much better if watched 3D tho, lotsa effects missed. Rate 7/10.

P.S. Main character, reminded me of YOU.

So anyways... I curled my hair today. Soft curls at the ends C:

Starbucks before. :)

And Food Bazaar after. :) First time eating from the new Thai stall.

So for the dish you get to choose from various bases (eg. bee hoon, mee, kuey tiaw, rice etc), sauces and also the meat (chicken, beef, prawn, fish etc) you prefer. I went for the Beef speghetti with Tom Yam sauce and my friend ordered the Chicken speghetti with 'Phad Bim' (or something rather). Rm6.80 for a huge dish that I couldn't finish even with an empty stomach. Not bad either. :)

Coincidentally wore Hello Kitty tops with Carolyn. :D But I feel the need to make clear that I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty heh.

With all the love,

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