Sunday, August 7, 2011

FLAMO dance showcase 060811

Current profile picture. FLAMO had a showcase for the Leo Clubs Joint Installation 2011 yesterday. :)


For non-Leos, the Joint Installation is an annual inter-school event where by all the Leo clubs in the Kuching district come together and induct the new Board of Directors of respective Leo clubs together. :) Event was held at The Crown Imperial Hall.

Here, we together proudly hang the Leo Club banners of multiple schools. :)

We reached there at around 8.30 in the morning. Picture: Sis and I doing rehearsals and getting used to the stage before the performance.

Getting ready.

Theme this year was GREEN obviously, with the pretty entrance decorated with white and green balloons. And my superb pretty cuzzie dressed in green. :)

Event started at around 11.30am. Tickets were cut and hands were copped to gain entrance to the hall.

With my people. :)

The food. Sweet sour fish fillet was the best dish that day YUMS. And I was the one who finished all the grapes on the fruit plate lol. :)

Skipping all the formal activities like the induction process and the long speeches done, and on to the performances. :D

Then this girl from St. Teresa sang Listen by Beyonce and blew us all away. OMG we all had goosebumps when she sang and it was super awesome! Best performance of the day. :D

Well us Flamo performed 2 dances that day. 

Our dances comprised of many styles of dance eg. Hip hop, Breaking, Tutting, Locking and yea, Shuffling. x)

"Everyday I shuffling..." First time having shuffling in our routineand this was the part that got people on the floor screaming. :D

And this is my fav pic of the performance. :D

Performance pictures credit to Ding Dong Wong. :)

GO FLAMO! We rocked ♥ ♥ ♥

With all the love,

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