Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Miracles happen ♥

...yes they freakin do!!

My broken camera was sent for check-up and I was told that I need to pay rm700 to fix the damaged so-called motherboard. RM700 wth!! And mum said she wouldn't bother bout getting me a new one cuz my cam was brand new and all. So I was all TT *EMO after all that....

Got my cam back from the technician, I left it there for 2 days. Then a sudden urge led me to randomly turn on my cam. And OMG it turned on! Revived miraculously. And OMG it functioned like usual. OMG soooo crazy. Lol. And I'm so happy. :)

Blogger Kxin is back ♥

Pic above dated 3:45pm 3/8/11 :)

Cooked mac and cheese to celebrate ♥ lol random much kthxbye.  C:

P.S. Update bout singing competition soon. I didn't get into finals. :C

With all the love,

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