Sunday, August 7, 2011

Playlist Update :)

I'm a GLEEK and I'm proud of that. :D So yeah, new playlist consist of songs entirely from Glee season 2.

1. Dreams - Will and April *
2. As Long As You're There - Sunshine (Charice) *
3. Landslide - Holly, Santana and Brittany *
4. Isn't She Lovely - Artie *
5. Unpretty - Rachel and Quinn *
6. Pretending - Rachel and Finn. *

Note that I've added * on the songs you need to pay more attention to. And OPPS! I added it onto every song. Haha, sorry la but every song is equally great.

There are also many other awesome songs in the Glee album. Tho I only choose my super favorites that are mostly the softer, sweeter songs. And I do hope the songs will help make you guys feel even more at peace and gleeful when you visit my blog. Music is powerful you know. :)

I love all the songs in this playlist and I hope you guys do too! Feedback are welcomed. :D

With all the love,

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