Saturday, August 13, 2011

School trip to Water Treatment Centre

We went to visited the Batu Kitang branch of Water Treatment center earlier today. :D

Trip was open to the Upper 6 students of the 3 Science stream classes. It was an after-class trip, so before that, we went to Mcd's for lunch. :)

Girls could be really messy eaters at times lol.

And my friends bullied me by peppering and salting my coke :C lol.

Arrived at the destination by bus at around 2.15pm. :)

A short talk (45 minutes :O) on how the water-treating process works and how people should help conserve water.

Then on to the labs where they investigate on complaints about the water received from residents. And to maintain the quality of the water. Nothing special here because we have labs like these in our school, tho they have theirs bits more high-tech.

But I did found out that dirtiness level of our river is around 150 something. Distilled water, 0.3+ and the MULU drinking water, treated by the centre itself, is of 0.1.

Pretty vintage test-tube rack. Love it. :) 

Why can't we have this shabby apparatus in our school? Experiments would be so much more enjoyable. x)

Then we went onto the deck and toured around the water filtering/ sedimentation/ coagulation/ flocking tanks. (See? I did learn something. :P)


In the bus on the way back at around 5pm. A short but awesome and beneficial trip. :) :)

Save our earth's water people! Help prevent water crisis. C:

With all the love,

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