Saturday, August 27, 2011

Update. Randomnesss

I love my new Padini top. Listen to your heart. :)

Bryan's bday gathering. :)

No, not my sis who's won the trophy.

But it was my mum's. She got third for her most recent singing competition can you believe that? Her first tall trophy. :D And she won the hamper in the lucky draw session on the same night. Haha a lucky and very gleeful night for her it certainly was. :D

Tho there's no yummy chocolate treats in the hamper, and they even gave peas. Lol, so yeah. Hamper I don't like you. :C

A package came for sis a few days ago. Guess what's in it? Do take a guess. :D

But well don't bother trying I don't think you'll be able to come up with any answer close to it. So I'll just go ahead and tell you. :P

They are rm1000+ worth of cosplay items. Imported from Tao webshop.Wigs, costumes, accessories my gosh. And in the picture was my 'Whatttt the hell.......?' face while I was thinking the exact same thing in my mind lol. 

Luckily it's was shared among her and 2 of her friends. If not, whyyousocrazywastemoneyonthesecrapythingsimmatellonyou!

The wigs alone. @@

Haha gosh I don't get sis. Just like how she doesn't get me pitching in money crystallizing my things with expensive Swarovski loose crystals (what she said.) 

Haha all so random right. Kthxbye. :)

With all the love,

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