Sunday, September 25, 2011

BYE for now :)

 50+ days left till STPM! 

(Obviously I'm in pain. LOL)

And well, I'll be leaving my blog for the moment. STPM's around the corner and I can't afford anymore distractions, so yeah. It would be hard, to stop blogging all of a sudden, but I'll try my best to refrain myself.

I'm sure that this would be a long and torturous journey to go on. :/ It's because i've been so attached to my blog since forever now. It's like you're leaving your baby alone and unattended, crying that ear-piercing cry but you can't do anything about it. Can you imagine the heartbreak? (Lol I know i'm too dramatic.)

Along with my blog I will also stop using:

1. My phone (no more smsing, no more phone calls)
2. Facebook
3. Twitter

But yeah. Will be making more frequent trips to the Sarawak Club library or Starbucks to study, cuz I really can't imagine myself being cooped up in the house all day long for 50+ days. Heh :)


And in the mean time, I've updated my playlist with many nice songs to keep you guys company while I'm away. :) (Awwww, ikr. Lol)

I'll be back right after I get this STPM crap over with, I promise. So yeah. Cheer me on, and be proud of me when I get good results for my STPM. :) Oh and one last thing..

Please don't forget me ♥

With all the love,

Update: Heard my old blog background was missing so yeah :/

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Movies + Give and take

Hello. :)

Not a good intro pic, i know. Was going out on a random afternoon to buy stuff, and it was after school and all so yeah, tired looking and messy hair. (Sis say I look fat here too. :C) And I didn't take the time to take a better picture, lazyyyyy.

Kay I'll stop complaining and get on to the movie reviews. :)

Johnny English Reborn was the latest movie I've watched.

Despite the busy schedule with school work lately, I'm glad I managed to squeeze in this trip to the cinema with my friends. Johnny English and his clumsy acts were as amusing as the last movie, but personally I like this one better. It was nice overall. Worth the money and the time.

Down sides of the movie, some scenes were just uber lame and unfunny. Although so, the people in the cineplex would just annoying go HAHAHA non-stop at every single scene be it funny or not. And I'm usually the one laughing at the tiniest things.  So yeah, amusing phenomenon really. For some jokes however, there was only me laughing ==. Certain scenes are really really funny I have to say. :) Rate 6.5/10

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. II

Omg I can't believe I forgot to write a review about this movie. #epicfail

Anyways Snape, the assumed-bad guy since The Half Blood Prince after he killed Dumbledore, is actually a "double agent" playing as a death eater/follower of Voldemort though he's loyalty stayed forever true with Dumbledore. In the end he's killed by Voldemort as Voldemort finally found out that he's the rightful owner of the elder wand. Snape's love for Harry's mother, Lily since forever is also an emotionally intense part of the film. Made me tear. :C Ron and Hermione's kissing scene in the chamber of secrets is just too cute. Action scenes and effects are great too. And for some reason, Longbottom became sort of a hero in this film.

I didn't watch the movie in 3D and it was the only regret I have. Also, part I being so exciting, and built up so much suspence made part II a little lacking and overly fast paced. I mean, part I made part II seemed Huh like that nia... Rate 10/10

I'm so glad I've took part along the whole journey of Harry Potter. Thank you J.K. Rowling! For being a pure genius and so amazingly talented. :)

I feel really sorry and sad for the people that doesn't watch Harry Potter... I'm just kidding, chilax!

Love and Other Drugs

This movie has similar plot with No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits, where the couples started out being solely physical ended up falling for one another. However this film differ from the other 2 as in this story, the female lead Anne Hathaway is diagnosed with the Parkinson's disease. They struggled with dilemma but in the end they still stayed together. Happily ever after. :)

Note: This movie is seriously not made for children. It's not even appropriate for young teens, in my opinion. Lol. Rate 8/10

I received some presents from friends lately and here, I want to say thank you. :)

A novel from Pris, a friend that I've grown really close to lately. :)

It's from the Scholastic Book Club promotion and the books offered are at very affordable prices. She offered to buy one for me and I chose this book. Haven't the time to read it, but yeah, loving the vintage cover and the story seems very interesting.

Starbucks tumbler :)

A gift received after a bad day in school. Thought it was a souvenir from some relative, and once I see it I selfishly determined to make it mine lol. Though when I heard that it was not a souvenir but instead it's something bought specially for me, I was so touched.

A khaki-colored overcoat.

This gift was super random for there was no occasion and I received this after an outing with friends. :) I'm bits sad and I think I won't be wearing it any time soon, because the coat is way over-sized and the style is too grown up for me. But thanks for the gift, it's the thought that counts. :)

Key chain with a silver cross.

Current phone accessory. It makes this lovely jingly bell-like sound when it's shaken and I love it. :) And behind the simple key chain, it meant a whole lot more.

Was out buying shampoos from Watsons, my personal store. I love Watsons :)  Got a white Converse tee as birthday gift for a dear friend of mine. :)

What I'm trying to say here is that. I'm not a rich girl. I don't come from a loaded family and I don't get high amounts of weekly allowance. That's why I couldn't manage to get every friend I love presents, be it randomly or on birthdays. I take and i take, and I'm sorry sometimes I couldn't give back as much.

I know I know, it's shallow to measure friendship with gifts. But I'd like to get my beloved friends nice gifts if I have the money. Especially for those who love me and have always been there for me without ever asking for anything in return. I mean, it'd be nice to show your friends your appreciation for their presence in your life every once in a while, right?  :)

I would do so when I get rich in the future. (You so certain you'll get rich meh? Lol ikr.)

With all the love,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sarawak Regatta

September 16 was Malaysia Day. Happy birthday Malaysia, I love you. :))

I sacrificed my precious study time and spent the whole day out 'celebrating' because I'm so darn patriotic. #excuses Okay enough with the joking around, heh.

As you all know, the Sarawak Regatta was held at the Kuching waterfront in conjunction with Malaysia Day. It's an annual festive event for Sarawak and it never failed to attract crowds if people. This year the event was held on the 15th to 18th Sept and it attracted over a whopping number of 100,000+ visitors.

So I was there because I was invited by The Sarawak Bloggers to attend a press conference on the event as media on that particular day. But let's get to that later.

Other than the regatta competition, there were also the IWWF wakeboard championships which had contestants from all around the world participating in. I didn't get to witness the regatta matches. However, I did manage to catch the America representative, Raimi Merrit, in action. I don't know much about wakeboarding, but she put on quite a show I must say. :)

The amazing wake boarder during her semi-finals.

Picture credits to

One of the highlights for the visitors, The Elevator. We never see this in Kuching before so my feet instinctively brought me closer to get some shots. There were two and this one is for the children.

And this taller one, was for the adults. The height is about 3-storey tall, if not mistaken and the rate is Rm30 per ride. Don't ask me how was it, was it scary or not because I didn't try it myself. Doesn't really look that scary from down here but no, didn't dare to, lol.  I'm not sure if it's still available though, but do try it out if you're not the faint hearted. :)

So back to the press conference invitation by The Sarawak Bloggers. I'm sure that it would've been a fruitful experience as I've never formally took part in a press conference before. But on a sad note, the event, which was supposedly to start at 12pm, got postponed to 3pm.

I met up with Cyril Dason from Sarawak bloggers, and another chosen blogger Mike Cheng around noon at the Riverside Majestic. We didn't want to wait however, so we ended up having lunch on our own instead. We ate at the newly opened DeliFrance at The Hills shopping mall. What a surprising turn of events ikr! lol.

Butter croissant, chicken pie, carbonara.

It was my first time dining at the restaurant. The food was alright but I expected more as I got good reviews from friends. The sauce for the pie and also the carbonara was bits diluted, so yeah, quite disappointing. But i wouldn't mind going back for another meal, because the service was fairly well and I like the diners's overall vibe.

Had a nice time lunching with the two blogger personalities. :) Meeting them for the first time was quite nerve wrecking but the feeling was soon lost as they're superb friendly and very approachable. Heard interesting stories and got tips on how to make my blog more interesting.

I'll end this post with a picture of myself, posing in the Padini fitting room at The Spring. :) Overly conservative 0-skin-exposure outfit of the day, lol.

Watched Johnny English Reborn with friends. Will do a review bout it along with a few other movies when I have the time. Till then. :)

With all the love,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mid Autumn

Celebrated my Mid Autumn with friends at the Friendship Park. :)

Went a day before the exact date for the festival. And there were not many people with lanterns there that night. The sky looked like it was about to rain any second, maybe that's why. We arrived at 7pm+, walked around the park with lanterns and went home at around 9 because in the end, it really rained.

My lantern. Love this picture. :)

You wouldn't believe how strong the wind was that night. But yeah, you could see it from the picture. I swear I didn't shake the lantern lol.

We had such a hard time lighting up all the lanterns that we were holding, that we gave up the initial plan of having a whole tree hung with them. Aww. :/

Bryan, working his butt off helping us light up our lanterns. Michael, just sitting there watching. (Lol i'm kidding! I know you helped too kay. :P)

The group picture. :)

Rained. :/ Thanks to Michael, the Adidas fanatic, for driving me. :))

Lastly, an epic candid shot. x)

With all the love,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My ideal relationship


I dream of a lovely relationship. 

Intro pic- *the hopeful for love face*

There would be this warm fuzzy feeling you feel when you're with the person. The "Wow I'm so happy right now, here with you" feeling. The 'itchy tummy' feeling- what i call it. You know you're not the prettiest girl in the world, but you'd feel like it when you're with him. Feel like you're the luckiest too. And that you could open up to each other about everything, be silly and laugh together at the tiniest things. 

And there would be the long passionate kisses. And warm, secure "I trust you" hugs. Romantic long walks under the moonlight, holding hands. Sunrises, sunsets. Little gifts that show your appreciation towards the other. And home-cook meals to tell the other that they're special.

Both parties giving each other the freedom and space to spread their wings and grow. To expand the social circle and have their own group of friends. To be independent in ways, and not only depend solely on one another. But at the same time be there, and be involved in the processes along the way, and grow together. They could go far, go free. One word, TRUST. But whenever they turn around, the other would be there to smile and give support. And when things are hard, it'll only take that reassuring smile to make everything okay again.

You don't have to be rich to be happy. However, you have to have the will to work hard, to work towards the better for the sake of the both of you. To always try and improve yourself, to make the other feel proud of having you. And knowing that if you want a happy future together, finance should not be one of the obstacles standing in the way.

And marriage. I wish for a marriage that lasts. 20 years, 30 years, 40 years... No divorce please. :C Be there for me till the end please. Hold my hand till I die please. Let me leave for heaven first so that I won't have to endure the pain of seeing you go, please?

I dream of a lovely relationship. It doesn't have to come now, it doesn't have to come in the next few years. I just hope that it would come to me someday.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Last Saturday

Saying hi with my current and past Facebook display picture. :)

Went out with sis and daddy and went to The Spring to have lunch last Saturday. Ate Beef Teppanyaki and their garlic fried rice. I think it's nice :) Padini was on sale but I didn't shop, only bought two Vincci necklaces. Haha random.


In the car. The usuals - bag and camera bag.

Captured this picture during the drive. A serene picture with the rain drops on the window pane. :) But it wasn't what I was focusing on tho. Try looking past the tree, what can you see?

Yea I was trying to get a shot of this. Scary road incident that caused traffic jam around the post-tjunction area on the road from Tabuan Jaya to Pending. I do hope the driver's okay and no one got hurt. :/

Oh, here's a cool fan with no blades. :) Daddy found this during one of his business trips to China.

Outfit for the day. Simple assemble with flats.

Oh before I forget...

A Love Theme- Olivia Ong

I love this song so much, I'm addicted. It has a catchy chorus and this nice rhythm to relax to. The "I love you, i do"s in the beginning, love. P.S. I love bossa nova and I love Olivia Ong. Recommend to all bossa nova lovers. :)

With all the love,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Element: Woman

Read this random joke on the android and feel like sharing. x)

Element: Woman
Symbol: WO
Discoverer: Adam
Atomic mass: Accepted as 53.6kg, but known to vary from 40 to 200kg. (lol)
Occurrence: Copious quantities in all urban areas.

     Physical properties
  1. Surface normally covered with a painted film.
  2. Boils at nothing, freezes without any known reason.
  3. Melts if given special treatment.
  4. Bitter if incorrectly used.
  5. Found in various states ranging from virgin metal to common ore.

     Chemical properties
  1. Has great affinity to gold, silver and a range of precious stones.
  2. Absorbs great quantities of expensive substances.
  3. May explode spontaneously without prior warning and for no apparent reason. (lol)
  4. Insoluble in liquids, but activity greatly increases by saturation in alcohol.
  5. Most powerful money reducing agent known to man.
  6. Turns green when placed beside a better specimen. (lol)

     Common uses
  1. Highly ornamental.
  2. Can be a great aid in relaxation.
  3. Very effective cleaning agent.

  1. Highly dangerous except in experienced hands.
  2. Illegal to posses more than one. Although several can be maintained at different locations as long as specimens don't come into contact with each other.

Haha I find this one of the quality jokes.

If you're a chemistry student like me, who deals with elements and their properties all the time, surely you'll find it amusing. Lol. And maybe this joke is here to sass the ladies but girls, you gotta admit that it's true and highly accurate? Hee. x)

So moving on. I went out with my secondary school pals for a little gathering. :)

We ate dinner at The Wave. It's located at 4th mile bazaar opposite the Unaco supermarket. It's was a great night. On a sad note, I forgot to bring my camera. When I found out, I was devastated, literally. So yeah, one of my low-quality-picture days.

Can't really capture what I wanted. But I love the interior deco and the vibe of The Wave. Grey overall with touches of black and white. Classy and sophisticated. :)

My chicken chop with mushroom sauce and garlic dices. The portion seemed small when the dish first arrived but it's more than enough, and it's yummy too. Recommends. :)


My friends' black pepper spaghetti and some fried rice dishes. There were also the Udon mee, the Bolognaise, the Japenese style chicken chop that all got good feedback.

Again, I feel dreadful for not bringing my camera. :C


After dinner, we played our crazy style of block stacking. Lol. There were also other games to play and past time. Great hang out spot. :)


Then we continued our catching up session at Bing! Coffee, The Hills till around midnight. :) The night was awesome, but it would be 'awesomer' if I had my camera with me. :C

We don't really get to see each other much these days but when we get together, there's no awkwardness and we're close like how we were in class last time. It's as if we were never apart. Love them C:

With all the love,