Sunday, September 25, 2011

BYE for now :)

 50+ days left till STPM! 

(Obviously I'm in pain. LOL)

And well, I'll be leaving my blog for the moment. STPM's around the corner and I can't afford anymore distractions, so yeah. It would be hard, to stop blogging all of a sudden, but I'll try my best to refrain myself.

I'm sure that this would be a long and torturous journey to go on. :/ It's because i've been so attached to my blog since forever now. It's like you're leaving your baby alone and unattended, crying that ear-piercing cry but you can't do anything about it. Can you imagine the heartbreak? (Lol I know i'm too dramatic.)

Along with my blog I will also stop using:

1. My phone (no more smsing, no more phone calls)
2. Facebook
3. Twitter

But yeah. Will be making more frequent trips to the Sarawak Club library or Starbucks to study, cuz I really can't imagine myself being cooped up in the house all day long for 50+ days. Heh :)


And in the mean time, I've updated my playlist with many nice songs to keep you guys company while I'm away. :) (Awwww, ikr. Lol)

I'll be back right after I get this STPM crap over with, I promise. So yeah. Cheer me on, and be proud of me when I get good results for my STPM. :) Oh and one last thing..

Please don't forget me ♥

With all the love,

Update: Heard my old blog background was missing so yeah :/


Ah_Mike said...

Wah lao! You sure you can tahan 50+ days of no blog, FB, Twitter and even SMS/phone calls????

Oh well...if that's the case all the best for your STPM! Don't forget me after your exams >< I'll buy you drinks if you do remember :P

kxin♥ said...

Haha well I did use my phone. It'd be impossible not to, right? And yes, I remember you! :P