Friday, September 9, 2011

Last Saturday

Saying hi with my current and past Facebook display picture. :)

Went out with sis and daddy and went to The Spring to have lunch last Saturday. Ate Beef Teppanyaki and their garlic fried rice. I think it's nice :) Padini was on sale but I didn't shop, only bought two Vincci necklaces. Haha random.


In the car. The usuals - bag and camera bag.

Captured this picture during the drive. A serene picture with the rain drops on the window pane. :) But it wasn't what I was focusing on tho. Try looking past the tree, what can you see?

Yea I was trying to get a shot of this. Scary road incident that caused traffic jam around the post-tjunction area on the road from Tabuan Jaya to Pending. I do hope the driver's okay and no one got hurt. :/

Oh, here's a cool fan with no blades. :) Daddy found this during one of his business trips to China.

Outfit for the day. Simple assemble with flats.

Oh before I forget...

A Love Theme- Olivia Ong

I love this song so much, I'm addicted. It has a catchy chorus and this nice rhythm to relax to. The "I love you, i do"s in the beginning, love. P.S. I love bossa nova and I love Olivia Ong. Recommend to all bossa nova lovers. :)

With all the love,

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