Friday, September 16, 2011

Mid Autumn

Celebrated my Mid Autumn with friends at the Friendship Park. :)

Went a day before the exact date for the festival. And there were not many people with lanterns there that night. The sky looked like it was about to rain any second, maybe that's why. We arrived at 7pm+, walked around the park with lanterns and went home at around 9 because in the end, it really rained.

My lantern. Love this picture. :)

You wouldn't believe how strong the wind was that night. But yeah, you could see it from the picture. I swear I didn't shake the lantern lol.

We had such a hard time lighting up all the lanterns that we were holding, that we gave up the initial plan of having a whole tree hung with them. Aww. :/

Bryan, working his butt off helping us light up our lanterns. Michael, just sitting there watching. (Lol i'm kidding! I know you helped too kay. :P)

The group picture. :)

Rained. :/ Thanks to Michael, the Adidas fanatic, for driving me. :))

Lastly, an epic candid shot. x)

With all the love,

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