Saturday, September 24, 2011

Movies + Give and take

Hello. :)

Not a good intro pic, i know. Was going out on a random afternoon to buy stuff, and it was after school and all so yeah, tired looking and messy hair. (Sis say I look fat here too. :C) And I didn't take the time to take a better picture, lazyyyyy.

Kay I'll stop complaining and get on to the movie reviews. :)

Johnny English Reborn was the latest movie I've watched.

Despite the busy schedule with school work lately, I'm glad I managed to squeeze in this trip to the cinema with my friends. Johnny English and his clumsy acts were as amusing as the last movie, but personally I like this one better. It was nice overall. Worth the money and the time.

Down sides of the movie, some scenes were just uber lame and unfunny. Although so, the people in the cineplex would just annoying go HAHAHA non-stop at every single scene be it funny or not. And I'm usually the one laughing at the tiniest things.  So yeah, amusing phenomenon really. For some jokes however, there was only me laughing ==. Certain scenes are really really funny I have to say. :) Rate 6.5/10

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. II

Omg I can't believe I forgot to write a review about this movie. #epicfail

Anyways Snape, the assumed-bad guy since The Half Blood Prince after he killed Dumbledore, is actually a "double agent" playing as a death eater/follower of Voldemort though he's loyalty stayed forever true with Dumbledore. In the end he's killed by Voldemort as Voldemort finally found out that he's the rightful owner of the elder wand. Snape's love for Harry's mother, Lily since forever is also an emotionally intense part of the film. Made me tear. :C Ron and Hermione's kissing scene in the chamber of secrets is just too cute. Action scenes and effects are great too. And for some reason, Longbottom became sort of a hero in this film.

I didn't watch the movie in 3D and it was the only regret I have. Also, part I being so exciting, and built up so much suspence made part II a little lacking and overly fast paced. I mean, part I made part II seemed Huh like that nia... Rate 10/10

I'm so glad I've took part along the whole journey of Harry Potter. Thank you J.K. Rowling! For being a pure genius and so amazingly talented. :)

I feel really sorry and sad for the people that doesn't watch Harry Potter... I'm just kidding, chilax!

Love and Other Drugs

This movie has similar plot with No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits, where the couples started out being solely physical ended up falling for one another. However this film differ from the other 2 as in this story, the female lead Anne Hathaway is diagnosed with the Parkinson's disease. They struggled with dilemma but in the end they still stayed together. Happily ever after. :)

Note: This movie is seriously not made for children. It's not even appropriate for young teens, in my opinion. Lol. Rate 8/10

I received some presents from friends lately and here, I want to say thank you. :)

A novel from Pris, a friend that I've grown really close to lately. :)

It's from the Scholastic Book Club promotion and the books offered are at very affordable prices. She offered to buy one for me and I chose this book. Haven't the time to read it, but yeah, loving the vintage cover and the story seems very interesting.

Starbucks tumbler :)

A gift received after a bad day in school. Thought it was a souvenir from some relative, and once I see it I selfishly determined to make it mine lol. Though when I heard that it was not a souvenir but instead it's something bought specially for me, I was so touched.

A khaki-colored overcoat.

This gift was super random for there was no occasion and I received this after an outing with friends. :) I'm bits sad and I think I won't be wearing it any time soon, because the coat is way over-sized and the style is too grown up for me. But thanks for the gift, it's the thought that counts. :)

Key chain with a silver cross.

Current phone accessory. It makes this lovely jingly bell-like sound when it's shaken and I love it. :) And behind the simple key chain, it meant a whole lot more.

Was out buying shampoos from Watsons, my personal store. I love Watsons :)  Got a white Converse tee as birthday gift for a dear friend of mine. :)

What I'm trying to say here is that. I'm not a rich girl. I don't come from a loaded family and I don't get high amounts of weekly allowance. That's why I couldn't manage to get every friend I love presents, be it randomly or on birthdays. I take and i take, and I'm sorry sometimes I couldn't give back as much.

I know I know, it's shallow to measure friendship with gifts. But I'd like to get my beloved friends nice gifts if I have the money. Especially for those who love me and have always been there for me without ever asking for anything in return. I mean, it'd be nice to show your friends your appreciation for their presence in your life every once in a while, right?  :)

I would do so when I get rich in the future. (You so certain you'll get rich meh? Lol ikr.)

With all the love,

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