Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sarawak Regatta

September 16 was Malaysia Day. Happy birthday Malaysia, I love you. :))

I sacrificed my precious study time and spent the whole day out 'celebrating' because I'm so darn patriotic. #excuses Okay enough with the joking around, heh.

As you all know, the Sarawak Regatta was held at the Kuching waterfront in conjunction with Malaysia Day. It's an annual festive event for Sarawak and it never failed to attract crowds if people. This year the event was held on the 15th to 18th Sept and it attracted over a whopping number of 100,000+ visitors.

So I was there because I was invited by The Sarawak Bloggers to attend a press conference on the event as media on that particular day. But let's get to that later.

Other than the regatta competition, there were also the IWWF wakeboard championships which had contestants from all around the world participating in. I didn't get to witness the regatta matches. However, I did manage to catch the America representative, Raimi Merrit, in action. I don't know much about wakeboarding, but she put on quite a show I must say. :)

The amazing wake boarder during her semi-finals.

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One of the highlights for the visitors, The Elevator. We never see this in Kuching before so my feet instinctively brought me closer to get some shots. There were two and this one is for the children.

And this taller one, was for the adults. The height is about 3-storey tall, if not mistaken and the rate is Rm30 per ride. Don't ask me how was it, was it scary or not because I didn't try it myself. Doesn't really look that scary from down here but no, didn't dare to, lol.  I'm not sure if it's still available though, but do try it out if you're not the faint hearted. :)

So back to the press conference invitation by The Sarawak Bloggers. I'm sure that it would've been a fruitful experience as I've never formally took part in a press conference before. But on a sad note, the event, which was supposedly to start at 12pm, got postponed to 3pm.

I met up with Cyril Dason from Sarawak bloggers, and another chosen blogger Mike Cheng around noon at the Riverside Majestic. We didn't want to wait however, so we ended up having lunch on our own instead. We ate at the newly opened DeliFrance at The Hills shopping mall. What a surprising turn of events ikr! lol.

Butter croissant, chicken pie, carbonara.

It was my first time dining at the restaurant. The food was alright but I expected more as I got good reviews from friends. The sauce for the pie and also the carbonara was bits diluted, so yeah, quite disappointing. But i wouldn't mind going back for another meal, because the service was fairly well and I like the diners's overall vibe.

Had a nice time lunching with the two blogger personalities. :) Meeting them for the first time was quite nerve wrecking but the feeling was soon lost as they're superb friendly and very approachable. Heard interesting stories and got tips on how to make my blog more interesting.

I'll end this post with a picture of myself, posing in the Padini fitting room at The Spring. :) Overly conservative 0-skin-exposure outfit of the day, lol.

Watched Johnny English Reborn with friends. Will do a review bout it along with a few other movies when I have the time. Till then. :)

With all the love,


Sexybeast said...

you = patriotic? right~ :P

Ah_Mike said...

Ah you didn't do the reverse bungee jump?? It was so funnnnnn!!! We got videos of us screaming like a girl on our Facebook go check it out :)

Anyway, it was great to meet a young, pretty girl like you. Let's meet up again soon.

kxin♥ said...

@Sexybeast Haha cannot meh. :P Hey, don't really see you on Twitter anymore~

@Ah Mike Couldn't find the vid! But yeah, stay in touch. :))