Thursday, December 29, 2011

Damai after STPM

Went with friends to Damai Beach resort as our after-STPM trip. Lazy to type long so i'll just post up pictures and let them tell the story. :))

Hill top swimming pool.

P.S. I absolutely love the beach. :))

Made an awesome sand castle. :)

Dinner was simple but super yummy because of my friends. They are like, the salt and pepper for my soup. LOL #fail

Celebrated Check Yee's birthday that night. :)

Why the cellphone so spoil photo one?? >< lol. 

Attacked the cake. Killed it.

Love love love. :))

Face looks retarded in the last pic lol. But yeah, we played games and chatted the night away. Went to sleep at 4.30am. We wanted to wait for sunrise, but none of us managed to get up oh welllssss.

Superfailed self-shot.

Signed on the beach before leaving the next day. Spot my name? :)

Had an awesome time on the beach that morning. The waves were perfect and we had a great time playing in the sea. :)

...Except for the part when my friend and I got hurt while we were getting out of the water. The thing was, we accidentally walked into a pile of sharp rocks in the shallow waters. We tried to carefully walk out of the danger zone but then the waves pushed us up-shore from behind and basically dragged us across the pointy rocks.

I was scratched all over, and I was severely injured. :C (Lol I exaggerated on the second statement la, but still it hurt so bad. :C) I have bruises on my toes too and I had to limp all the way back to the room. Unlucky much. :C

I want more times like this with you guys! Missing ya'll already :)) It was so much fun overall. Another priceless memory to add to my memory bank. :)

With all the love,

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