Friday, December 23, 2011

Greetings, from beautiful Singapore.

Hey people. I'm currently updating from Singapore. :D 

I arrived here earlier this afternoon and will be staying for around 5 days. I will start my shopping quest tomorrow, and hopefully I'll find good stuffs to add to my recently emptied closet. H&M is my must hit store for sure - Kuching doesn't have H&M and I've waited so long for this. :D

And yes, I'll be spending my Christmas here. (Y) Away from the family and friends for the holidays but yea, hope that it will be an exciting and fun-filled one!

It was my first time getting on a plane alone. Hoped that I'd be seated with some handsome dude to talk to on the journey lol.. But you've guessed it, I didn't. Life won't give you everything you ask for one la okay, it's very stubborn one. Haha.

Hugged my mum before I went in, and felt like crying. Mum giggled and said it's only a few days la. But honestly, I felt bits lonely then. Usually I'd have my sister beside me and we'd laugh through out the whole journey. And she'd be there to comfort me when I cry off my ear pain during landings. But I thought to myself, this is something I have to get used to cuz I know in coming future I'll surely have to make more plane trips alone. Miss being a kid already :/

Anyways, wanna say thanks to my aunt and her family for opening up her house to me for my stay. :) Hospitality is something they always offer when we family come to Singapore. Oh, she has this amazing place that you'll get to see it in my upcoming posts. Sad to say, they will be moving to a new place soon though :( My cousin is flying in and I'll be joined by her tomorrow. You'll get to see more of her too. :)

I won't be updating picture posts during my stay here, because I haven't a card reader nor my camera cable with me. #justsaying

Haha think I've talked too much already, so I'll end my post here. Till then. :)

With all the love,

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