Friday, December 9, 2011

Back. :)

Hey, I'm back. :)

STPM is almost over, finally. Last paper will fall on the 13th, then freedom it is - shopping trips, outings, How I met your mother dvd marathon, Damai with friends - I can't wait. :D

I know I still have a paper, but I miss blogging too much, so here I am. I have so much I wanna say! 2 months of random happenings, I have no idea how am I to catch up with everything. But I'll try my best, be it big events or small.

Super random: Shared a present with a gal friend, for another gal friend's birthday. Wanna share this because I think i found the cutest present ever. I mean, i would literally die if I received this myself, lol.

A giant clay-made cupcake. 

Oh my gosh so cute right!! Found this in Green Gallery. :) Love that shop btw, so many floral and vintage stuff.

And I wrapped it in matching diabetic present paper, lol.

Moving on to a rather gloomy topic, Sister got warded some time ago. It was because of a wound infection from a dog bite. And yes you've guessed it, the devil was Vanilla. :(

Note the swollen right foot omg.

When sis was required to change into her hospital robes, she asked me whether she had to be naked underneath. I said yes (cuz it's like how Mr. Bean would show his butt through the robes ma), and I strongly insisted. Lol, but yea, she didn't follow my instructions.

A plastic tubing was also inserted into lil sis's blood stream.

I watched the whole process and it looked so painful that I felt painful just by watching. Though at that moment, I caught sis staring blankly into the ceiling, with that signature blur face of hers as if nothing was going on. Lol, made me burst into laughter.

Belacan chicken rice dinner for a patient that was not allowed to have meat and eggs and spicy stuff. So it ended up with Mum nibbling on the food and forcing me to have some myself. Lol

From the pictures, it's clearly seen that sis had officially went nuts. Seriously, it was as though she doesn't feel any pain at all. And I was even more scared than her, and that she was more cheerful and full of energy than any of us there. Mum called her a monkey - nothing better to describe her with I believe, lol.

Her boyfriend was there to accompany her the whole night that night. Honestly it was a really sweet thing to do. :) Sis stayed there for 2 nights, and Mum stayed with her the 2nd night. I couldn't do so because it was exam week.

And I was told by a fierce nurse that 'No photography allowed'. But she was rude when she said that, so no, I didn't bother. :)

P.S. For some reason I cut bangs again and ended up looking friggin retarded. It grew longer now, got better bits I guess?

Update very soon!

With all the love,


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Welcome back, Keryn. :)

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Thank you thank you. :)

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