Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More outing, more Christmas trees

Hung out with Bryan all over Kuching today. :) (See my digital camera not so bad compared to your high tech camera, it takes good pictures too okayy lol.)

Bryan and I are friends from tuition too. Haven't really had chances to hang out besides tuition, so here we are.

First stop: Starbucks, The Spring.

2nd stop: Arcade, Hock Lee Center.

I won that round of basketball machine btw. Won the bet of being treated dinner, lol.

Christmas tree @Hock Lee Center.

Christmas tree @360o Hotel, decorated with purple neons. Petite but pretty. :)

3rd stop: Station One, The Hills. 

He brought me here with the thought of us having dinner at Fullhouse, based to my last post, where I said I wanted to go dine and do a review there LOL. But unfortunately the place was booked for private event, so yeah, Station One it was. :)

Soya bean, hot honey lemon, Chicken chop, Gong bao chicken chop rice. :)

Giant Christmas tree at Pullman Hotel. With a giant gingerbread castle beside it, haunted with the Smurfs. (*shrugs, the Smurfs freak me out lol)

When I said "All over kuching", I didn't exaggerate right. :P It was hectic, but fun. Told him that I would be his dating coach, and advised him that if he brings a girl on a date or something, PLAN first. (Haha why do I act like I'm such a pro ==.) Oh and thanks for the pressie. It's really really pretty. :))

With all the love,

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