Monday, December 19, 2011

Outing, Christmas tree, Workshop

I'm like, updating my blog everyday now. 
Getting addicted, that's the life. :D
#nolife actually 

Went out with a friend from tuition, Wch'ng just now. Super nice guy. He took this pic for me btw. :)

View of his mini from Starbucks window. :) 

I've repeatedly told him that he has the cutest car ever. Think he got fed up listening to that already la lol. First time riding it and the cushion is so comfy I love it so much more now haha.

Then we went to The Hills to catch a Christmas musical. :)

...But we were late we ended up missing the whole thing lol. And I only got to take pics with the 2 santa claus characters from the musical itself. They look freakishly big in the picture don't you think?

There's this super cute restaurant here called Fullhouse, that I WILL come back, dine, and do a review of. :)

I said to my friend that I've wanted my future house to be designed with this concept. He said to do so I'll have to marry a millionaire. Lol really? I didn't know that! :P

Flashback: It was 9th December. Joined him and his sister at a workshop "Friends Through Music" organised by IMH.

In short the 1st part of the workshop, we listened our speaker Marvin, on how digital music is produced just by use a computer software. 2nd part, a local director, James Lo, talked to us about the techniques of video shooting.

We were constantly asked to close our eyes and raise our hands towards questions asked. I was laughing to myself because I felt stupid doing so, heh.

Some participants were chosen to participate in video shooting session, playing to the song Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. :) Some other participants volunteered to be part of the shooting team, getting assisting instructions from James Lo himself.

The guys playing lead singer was super professional man lol. He wasn't shy at all shooting in front of the crowd and he was so into his role that it was amazing to watch. :)

The highlight of my day, students from IMH put together a performance for us all. They played a few Jazz songs and it was so dreamy a performance I enjoyed it so much that I'd pay to listen to it again.

Some of the many talented musicians. :)

And before the workshop ended, we watched the video we shot earlier, after complete editing by James Lo and his assistant. Niceeeee :)

Even thought it was called "Friends Through Music" and we were encouaged to make new friends, I was shy so I ended up only knowing 3 new people lol. But I learned a lot that day so it was all good. :)

With all the love,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this song! Check out a cover of another Bruno Mars song! It's sung by by an eleven-year-old boy named Max Petruzzi!

Wch'ng said...

Wah! Eng eng..Nose long liao.:P

kxin♥ said...

Nose long liao? @@ lol