Sunday, December 18, 2011


Webcam album updated. :)

Drinking session with my cousins earlier at Porkies, Jalan Song. The place is really nice and the service was good. I'll probably go back again. :)

P.S. Yes I did feel Christmas here too dear cousin. :P

Mocha shake - my order. Mocha used to be sis's fav drink but I've recently started to grow fond of it. We ordered also, fries and garlic bread. Satisfactory. :) Thanks Lydia for the treat.

With the pretty cousins. By means of age, I'm in the middle. Guess which is which? x) Anyways I had a lovely time with them. :)

And guess what? Google snows. :)

Just a short update tonight. Good night!

With all the love,

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