Thursday, November 29, 2012

TGIF Fridays @ Sunway Pyramid

Had a lovely dinner with friends at TGIF last week. :) A short post for tonight will do. Didn't take any self-shot so a picture with Timothy will be used to start my post!

They were having a one-day promotion because it was the Chaswood Group Brand's opening of their 50th shop. 50% off all food items. "Expanding Your Waistline Since 2003," haha.

There were so many people there on that day.  Made an early reservation but only finally got to our seats after waiting for an hour plus. But the wait was worth it because we got all the awesome food for only 1/2 the price!

Ordered 2 starter platters. :) The wings and cheese sticks were awesome! Wasn't very fond of the baked potatoes but it was alright too. The dish was served with 3 sauces- cheese, tartar and chilli.

Look at how long the cheese could go. YUMS!

Competition held, lol.

Some of the delicious food we ordered. Fish & Chips, Burger, Chicken and Shrimp.

My dish- Beef steak, medium rare. And I love love love, the mash potatoes they have here. :)

With the girls after dinner. Food and company were all lovely. Had a great night. :)

WIth all the love,

P.S. It's 2.09am. Should be studying but I couldn't concentrate. Okay, back to the books!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Black Forest

Some wrappers that I kept of the chocolates I received during my STPM times. 

A picture I took some years back. I forgot how they found out I like Black Forest but they did, and I became that happy fat girl. :) Sometimes in the morning, I would go to class and find a bar sitting on my table. Sometimes with a note attached. There were the sticky notes as well- which made up a beautiful part of my Form-6 years.

These small acts show that you're on their minds and they mean a lot because it's at times like these you'd feel reassured that you are important, and that you matter. At least to somebody, you are. Don't know what I did to deserve all these but yea, I am thankful for the love I received. Memories. :')

With all the love,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Pink Day

It was a Tuesday and it was Pink Day in our class. :D It was a random thought of a classmate, just to tease our temporary lecturer that wore pink to our class last week lol.

People kept telling me my top was peach and not pink. So frustrating lol. It's baby pink!! Be my judge?

Hi Patrick, and Raymond...?

Lol I mean, Hi Patrick & Raymond! :D

The lovelies in pink. :D And they were other friends who wore pink too but I didn't manage to take a picture of them. :/

I love Tyy Pei's hair a lot! Dear Keryn, stop posting ugly pictures of yourself, okay?

It was kinda disappointing because this was what I expect the whole of my class to look like that day..

But not so close. :/ Some people don't have pink clothes, a minority were just not sporting enough. So yea lor. :(

New classmate! :D See what Law school does to us...?

Patrick and my yummy Yankee burgers- lamb and beef respectively. Damn nice, and the patties are so soft! Students please proceed to the Norwegian Sandwich outlet to purchase one. :D

Girl, I know things happened 
and you can't afford the distractions right now.
But do know that if anything, 
we'll be here for you.
Just take your time to sort things out, 
and recollect yourself. Okay?
We love you. :)

With all the love,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shoes, Dictionary and the Letter

It was during a random phone call night I don't remember when, I mentioned that when I return home the next time, I wanna bring over my dancing shoes and dictionary. 

He asked,
"Which shoes?''
I said,
"The brown pair. The one that I've been dancing in since forever but never damaged,"
"Why do you need  the dictionary? I thought you bought a Law dictionary.
Why not leave the one at home for the family to use?'''
"I don't know a lot of words. My vocab sucks.
And I need it for exams. We can't use the Law dictionary for the exams.."

It was just one of those random topics we brought up and talked about.

His sister went back to Kuching to see family and returned a few days ago. We met up for dinner last Friday night, and she handed over a plastic bag to me. To my surprise, it contained the shoes and dictionary mentioned. After our conversation he actually went to my house to get those items, and asked his sister to bring them over to me. 

It was really sweet and thoughtful of him. :)

The bulky things, that I wanted to but didn't bring over in the first place, are now here with me. :')

When I was about to put away the things, I found a note in my shoe.

Written in his adorable messy very recognizable writing, the note says, (New 8th Edition) Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary- pg 1190 (23).

So I flipped to page 1190.

And found a hand written letter right there between the pages.

I read the letter, and tears fell. :') He's not the kinda guy that writes letters, and sadly, I lost the first ever letter he wrote to me. I won't lose this one, I promised myself.

Still, I didn't know what does the (23) mean. I thought of it for awhile, then randomly tried to count the words from the start of the page..

And that was the 23rd word. :')

What he did wasn't much, but it was so touching. TT

However, the timing was so bad because we were kinda unhappy recently due to some minor issues. Later that night after I found the letter, we got into a big fight. :'(

With all the love,

Friday, September 28, 2012

In my room

Here's a random update of what goes on in my room lately. :)

First and foremost, the lighting in my room is so bad that I no longer enjoy self cam with my camera. While wearing his shirt, webcam will do for now I guess. :)

I got myself a room mate! 

I've never shared a bed with anyone, unless during travelling and stuff. Sometimes at night I would find myself waking up with her face right in front of mine lol. :O And then there's the space issue.. We have only one study table and only one dressing table so comes the territory war, lol.

Reminds me of the times me and sis used to share a room- the good and the bad. Lol, still need some getting used to but I'm not complaining. :)

So far, my things ie. books and laptop are dominating the table. :P But it's not like i'm bullying her or anything! I use our table more so yea.

Got myself dictionaries- for Law and also French.

Fyi I'm taking French as my university elective. There's only 2 electives for us Law school students, Basic Chinese or French. If you've had formal Chinese education before, then you are not allowed to take chinese. So yea lol, not much of an elective I guess.

Bonjour! Comment allez vous? ;)

Borrowed this book from the school library. Haven't finish reading but so far, I find this book very beneficial. :)

 It advises you on the mindset you should have when you choose this course, the skills you need to acquire to be a successful Law student, good books recommended before you start your course, how to excel in the studies and etc. Pity I did not discover this book earlier! Recommended to Law-student-want-to-bes. :)

My 2012 Starbucks Planner has reached October already. It's been a month now since I've been here. :)

My favourite Starbucks beverage is Java Chips Frap. My favourite person to enjoy it with is? Oh man there's no question, only one name popped into my mind and you know who you are. :) I'm missing those moments.

Picture was taken the night before last. Stayed up till 3 doing my Constitutional Law tutorial questions for the next day.

Recently, i think i'm getting deprived of sleep. Full day classes almost everyday, 8-5.30. After that I get home, bathe and rest awhile, then off to study. Sometimes I slack la, but yea. Time is seriously not enough. A chapter or less than that could take up to more than 2 hours of reading and then you left not much time to do anything else. SO DEPRESSING. TT

If I go insane one day, I'm glad at least you, my readers, know why. Lol. Signing off! Good night :)

With all the love,