Friday, January 6, 2012


It's only the start of 2012 and Japan was hit by earthquake.
Yesterday, Kuching too was hit with serious flood due to continuous rain these few days.
What else might come? I can't imagine.
I don't believe 2012=End of the world, 
but to be honest I'm starting to feel afraid. :/

Here in Kuching, the flood took over this busy and lively city, 
and shadowed it with gloominess and blues.
Along with that, 
something bad happened to my family, brought shock to us all.
I don't wanna talk much about it as I believe most of you know what's happened.

I believe in you God.
So please forgive me when I ask, 
why is it that you had to go and punish an innocent and kind being?
What happened, 
It's really unfair.
She never did anything bad to hurt anyone.
All she ever did was bring joy and make people laugh.
She loved her family, esp her mum so so much.
She's one of the friendliest and enthusiastic person I've ever met.
She treated me as a great friend, and brought me uncountable joy.
What happened, is truly tragic. :(
And to think of all people, among them some mean some evil,
Why her??

But everything is not certain yet.
I didn't cry. I held back tears.
Because I don't wanna believe what the rumors say.
Wherever she is, there's still hope.
So I'm still praying.
And everyone is also praying. 
So please, 
let a miracle happen.
Think about her family, 
bring her back to us please?

Everyone is waiting for you.
You've been gone long enough, we're all missing you already.
Time to come back, alright?

With all the love,

As for the petty Jonathan guy,
JONATHAN JOHN CHIN, to be exact.
Your attitude caused you loss of friends and a massive gain of enemies.
Heard that you've apologized,
But what's done is done.
You'll be hated forever.
I hope you regret all the things you've said and never act so again.
Still, YOU SUCK.


Haruchan said...

Hey girl~ stay strong..we all hope and prayed for the best..miracles happen if we all believe in it..=)

Love ya~

kxin♥ said...