Monday, January 9, 2012

Singapore: Christmas Eve @ Orchard Road

Hello, Keryn speaking. And I'm here to post pictures. :) So it was day 3 in Singapore, and it was Christmas eve.

Looks plump when standing beside tall and slim Lydia. :/

We went to Bugis, and did some shopping. :)

It was only us 2, so when we wanna take pictures together we had to always walk up to strangers and ask them to help us shoot. Well I think this guy did an alright job.

Crazy crowded at the junction to Bugis Street. What's everyone doing out on a Christmas eve? They should stay at home, spend some time with family, and let us tourists do some shopping in peace. lol #justsaying

Toilet in the mall also crowded, queue was long until it reached outside the toilet. Queued for a whole 1/2 hr, I think.

End of shopping day, waiting for MRT to get back.

Then we met up with our 2 cousins, Kiat, Louis and the girlfriend, and had dinner together. :) Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market was lovely and food was great.

Before 12, we went to Orchard Road to count down to Christmas on the streets.

The crowd and some of the decorations. Couldn't take many nice pictures around the place because it was raining. And we were half wet most of the time :/

We walked around and found a picturesque location for a good photo together. So again we asked a random lady to take a photo for us.

 But yeah, this is what we got. Oh wellllsssssss :)

 After the usual 5,4,3,2,1, the bubble sprays went off and people went crazy attacking other people.

We were having ice cream and unfortunately, cousin's Chocotop got attacked and died. Awwww 

Another self-shot to capture a memorable night. :)

The tired people getting home after all the excitement. Oh and yeah, Merry Christmas. :)

With all the love,

Update: Still no news of her after so long. :/


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hi Keryn,

Nice meeting u in person. Shopping in Singapore looks fun and lucky for you, no one took your camera away. Hahaha! did u go shopping in weekends? maybe that's the reason its crowded.

Ok, have a nice day yeah? hope we can lepak in starbuck someday.

kxin♥ said...

Hi Willie. See you again soon! :)