Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNY :)

CNY eve, I stayed home and watched fireworks to welcome CNY, as usual. :))

We actually ate KFC take out as our reunion dinner, because everyone was too tired to get dressed and go out. We were all exhausted from the funeral of my cousin :C earlier that day.

And as usual, Daddy lighted fire crackles in front of our home to bring luck and prosperity to the family.

Chinese New Year day one. :)

The usuals, visiting grandparents from both sides of the family in the morning. Then random visiting to homes of relatives. Outfit was a simple ensemble of red top from Topshop and Cotton On skirt. Bag and shoes from Vincci.

With the family <3

Gosh look at Vanilla. He's super busybody! He tried to get into almost every photo we were taking LOL.


Earlier tonight, cousin celebrated her birthday at her place. :))

Outfit from In House. Simple pink ruffle dress matched with wavy hair.

Her cute hippo cake from Taka and hippo from friends. <3

Gave her cute panties as birthday gift. Lol, glad she loved them. :D

First day have set a very high bar for the rest of the new year. Looking forward to the rest of holidays, hoping that each day would be better than the one before. :) But to be honest I feel that I'm running out of outfits already lol. ><

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

With all the love,