Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Continuing CNY

It's the 8th day of CNY and most people are back to work and started schooling. Even though I have no school for the moment, I shall call today the end of my CNY celebrations. :D It's because I think I've been having too much fun, spent a little too much, and I feel guilty for not doing anything productive for the past few days.

Well straight to the point, here's a recap of how my CNY went down.


Second day outfits, sis and I matched each other with bright colours. Though you can tell the different personalities we portray, yes? :)

Half day ended with us visiting relatives and watching a lion dance.

Pictures below is a house located at Serian around 30+ Mile.

And yeah, this was work of my daddy's. :)

Daddy did everything, from designing the layout to picking the furniture. Thing was, the wife of the house was not happy with the old design and refused to move into the house. So the husband let daddy take over, and I'm proud to say that the wife is now happily staying in this house.

The house was lovely as it is but there was one thing missing. Guess what is it? Yeah, it's the curtains. The ordered merchandises haven't arrived yet so yeah, lol.

Went to KC's place after the visit, and had a fun gambling session. Took the pic at around 2am, after most of the people left.

And us girls cooked mee for the guys as supper lol.

CNY day 3

Went visiting with Andy and Lih. Visited a few houses and made new friends. :)

Played cards before taking off in the morning. It never fails to make me laugh seeing Vanilla photobombing every picture we took hahaha.

That night, had an open house session for the relatives. And as usual, us cousins would gather around and take tons of pictures. :)

CNY day 4

Uncle Chonglin was having open house and daddy brought us over. :)

The house was recently completed, so much bigger than their last house. Love the mirror piece in the living room. Simple, but it modernized the living room and made it so more spacious.

Love the dishes served. Fav open house food so far. :)

The wife is a Kindergarten principal. And they have a very shallow pool built behind the house, made for the little children. So cute. :)

With daddy. <3 

Went over to friend's place after. P.S. I don't like poker. I don't like it one bit. :C 

Continue visiting with friends that night. Played till wee hours in the morning. Didn't gamble that night because I was still awfully upset about poker earlier that afternoon lol.

Then my friends changed my pictures as their phone wallpapers. Aww guys why do this? I'm so flattered. :P

CNY day 5

Visiting session of Science 1, my class of 2011. 

Darling Pris, looking good with shorter hair now, presented me with dried squid from Korea. lol 

Another bunch of friends changed my picture into their phone wallpaper lol. Chin Thin's phone (first phone) went into screen saver mode before I could take the pic. #fail :C

Anyways I wanna genuinely thank my friends for putting up with my silly requests hahahaha. Thank you guys. <3 :P

Lunch time with sisters. A very big thank you to Kai Voon's family for generously preparing lunch for all of us. :)

Dearest Jong. :)

Went to Puan Pow, our former General Studies teacher's place.

There I was, admiringly watching my friend Ylian, of Grade 6 piano playing, play the keyboard.

Then the group made their next stop to my place. And it was my last stop with them as I have another appointment later that night. Ivelyn looked awesome in Cheongsam btw. :)

Lih drove me out and we went to eat at Fullhouse after visiting an open house.

Tiramisu coffee ice-blended with jelly, Chicken chop, Seafood Spaghetti.

We locked our phones into the decorative lamp provided to avoid texting during dinner haha. Try it when you guys go there next time, no more distractions. :D

 With Lih. :)

Fullhouse, love the decoration. Want a house of this design in the future. Table at the garden area has a more quiet setting as compared to the main dinning area inside. Food was average but I think it's still bits pricey to me. Had high expectations for this place so I was quite disappointed. Unless needed, I don't think I'll go back for food there anymore. Chatting session with drinks there are still recommended though. :)

CNY day 6

Gathered at my place that noon before taking of to Joshua and June's place.

That night, met up with cousins and ate at Chef At Home, around Hui Sing Garden.

Cordon Bleu, Carbonara, my Grilled Garlic Butter Dory - some of the dishes ordered. Second time there, love the food, love the surrounding, acceptable price too. :)

After dinner, friends and I hit KC's place again and we had a massive K session. His parents joined in and we had so much fun. Sang till 1am luckily his neighbours were out of town lol.

CNY day 7

Went to Anderson's and then to roller skating with friends. Never knew we had this facility in Kuching lol.

 Darling Lester. :)

KC, whom I recently made amends and became great friends with.

Nson Lim I finally found out what you and Kian xin were laughing about that day lol. ><

I brought my cam with me while I was in the ring so we could take pictures. And when I fell, I made sure my cam doesn't hit the ground by raising my hand into the air lolol. During the 2 hours, I fell numerous times, got black-blue bruises on the knee, aching butt and limbs, but it was so much fun and so worth it. :) 

We went home, bathed, then met up and had dinner at Pete's Western, 101.

Fettuccine Carbonara, Chicken and Cheese Baked Rice, Mixed Grill - some of the dishes I managed to capture. These were the last few pictures of the night before my cam died.

Great restaurant. Good food, good price. Recommends. :)

Watched the 1055 show of Journey 2 at MBO later that evening. 

Fun movie to watch though I think the movie was bits too fast paced. Yes, 2 hours was not long enough longer movie please. :)) Watched the 2D version but I think the 3D version would be cool like ice tea! Rate 8/10. Recommends. :)

Not gonna write bout day 8 for I have no pictures. :/ In short we had a sleep over, played weird games and ate lunch at Sushi King. :) And that mostly rounds off my CNY 2012. Didn't have CNY mood at the beginning but still ended up having tons of fun. 

Life's good. :)

With all the love,


蓓蓓PeiPei said...

The caption that u mentioned :That night, met up with cousins and ate at Chef At Home, around Hui Sing Garden.
The blue shirt girl lives at Arang road there right?? she has a brother and a sister right?

Sexybeast™ said...

it seems you really enjoyed your cny sooo much this year. :)

kxin♥ said...

@Peipei Yea. :)

@Sexybeast I did i did. :D The only down point, I'm too busy till no time to have some friends over to my place. :/

Sexybeast™ said...

it's alright. it's understandable. there's still next time for everything. :)