Monday, January 2, 2012

Hi 2012.

Counted down to 2012 at Club Memory with dance mates. :)

I feel weird going to clubs because unlike other girls, I don't wear heels, and I don't wear make up. Always feel like the odd one out. >< But for one thing, I actually dance. OUCH :P. Anyways, Bev had a date herself, and Khai was at a performance then counted down at Boulevard, so it left us three. We danced into the new year, and it was awesome. Wouldn't want it any other way.  :)) #happyhappyhappyhappyhappy lol

And the first thing I did after 2012 arrived? I dyed my hair. :)

This is the after. :) For the BEFORE, kindly scroll down the page and look at the past posts lol.

My hair colour showed in the picture because of the lighting, maybe, but it's not that obvious in reality. I don't blame Liese, the hair dye was really convenient to use. I blame the fact that I dyed my hair black before. Still, quite satisfied with the results. :)

2nd thing I did? Celebrated the first night of the new year at Simplicious. :)

Food: Turkey ham and mushroom spaghetti, Pan friend chicken thigh, Thai beef salad.

Drinks: Iced mocha, Irish ice cream, Passion.

Love the spaghetti sauce, for it wasn't too creamy and the amount was just right that it wasn't too overwhelming. Not a vege person but surprisingly I enjoyed the salad. :) I'm not gonna say the food was awesome and all though, else I'd get teased by some people lolol. So yeah, food's alright.

Then we went to watch Jack and Jill at MBO.

Movie was alright, rate 6.5/10. Was a fun film to watch overall. Not giving away anything here cuz i'm lazy to recall the plot lol. Fav character, the smart-ass Indian son? And I have to say this - Katie Holmes, drop dead gorgeous. :)

And that's about all of how I celebrated my new year. How did you celebrate yours? :)

With all the love,


Adrian Lim said...

WOOOHHH!!! ahahahaha.. :D i know who i am :D

blue mice army said...

celebrate with a few frenz chatting n eating + drinking in hostel nia~

kxin♥ said...

@blue mice army: Sounds like a sweet and nice celebration. :)