Saturday, January 14, 2012

K-pop competition prelim 13/1/12

Prelim of the K-pop dancing competition was held at Boulevard earlier this evening. Sis, Khai and I represented our crew, FLAMO and took part in the competition. :) We call ourselves Level 19

And I'm happy to announce that we got into the finals! :))

This was the stage for the night. Bits disappointed cuz there were no lighting... But still. :) Hopefully we'll get lighting during the finals! :D 

During performance. :) 

A picture of all the finalists. :) 

11 groups participated and 8 were chosen to enter finals. No pictures of the performance yet. Will  post them up once I have them. :D 

Champion of the competition will receive air tickets to Korea. How much fun would it be for us Flamo to go travel together. :) Fyi out of the 3 judges, 2 of them are Koreans. A last minute added-on prize, the judge said that he would make arrangements for the winners to go watch Music Bank live. OMG LIKE SERIOUSLY! I so wanna win. :) Plus plus, the judge said that he'd probably find participants who performed well, to go to Korea to be an idol. Oh gosh, so crazy!!

Us in the studio that morning. :)

I looked confident in pictures and all. But although so, I wasn't satisfied with my performance. :/ It was my first time dancing in heels and I bent my ankle numerous times during the performance.

Bah! Hopefully no heels are needed in the finals.

The show killer. :/ 

So anyway, final's next Wednesday. Same time, same place. Please drop by and support us if you happen to be free during the time! :D

Gotta work this weekend. So to speak, we only have 2 and 1/2 days left to practice. Add on, we still haven't any idea what routine we'll choose to learn. Hopefully we'll be able to pull it off! Wish us luck. ;)

Updates: So here's the video finally! So cool + Trouble Maker. Enjoy. :)

The Trouble Maker dance brought quite a lot of controversy, but to be honest we were just dancing. All professional, nothing more. Wanna say thanks to Khai's girlfriend and Him for being so open minded about things and supported us all the way. :D

With all the love,


Sexybeast™ said...

You and your teammates will be able to work it out somehow. No worries, girl! I believe you can do it! :)

jiafen.jf said...

grates!all the best sis and your team:DD JIAYOU:)

blue mice army said...

congratz too~
keep up the gud work bah~
(sry 4 d vry normal comment >///<)

Pazuzu said...

so .. did u win tickets to korea?


jiafen.jf said...

I watched the video. im so in love with it:) But i suggest "heavier
" make up and also lip's color .:) (hope you don't mind) jiayou! win the ticket to Korea sis!!all the best LUCKY!!

DoraElmo said...

support support :)

kxin♥ said...

@SB :)))

@Blue mice Thanks. :D Haha no such thing as very normal comment la, lol.

@JF sis I thought my make up was too light too. Of course I don't mind, thanks for the advice yea. :D

@DoraElmo Thanks :))

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Congrats for being able to make it to the final.

kxin♥ said...

Thanks Willie. :))