Friday, January 20, 2012

K-pop dance competition finals

18th January, 2012. My first dance competition final round. 

Our team of Bev, Khai and I (Level 19 from Flamo) had gray and black as our colour that night. We had to go against 7 other dance teams namely DMO, Sixteen, Spirit, Exothermic, G-Snap, Ryan and Summation. We went all out and we aimed to get at least top 3.

With sis after preparing. :))

My beloved besties Lester and Ivelyn. <3

And there were many more friends there to support us. I was so touched. Thank you all so much your presence. You gave me energy and strength to push myself harder. :)

Here, our performance video. :)

We were up first gosh. Pressure was on. I have no regrets in this dance because I gave my all. :) A few flaws here and there but I think we were alright. Do give your honest comments please?

Pictures by Russell. :)

I love the 2nd picture for my face, but I don't like it for my... lol, you know. I could have edited photo before upload and tone up the tummy of mine but no, don't feel right lying to my readers. :) Yes, I have flabby tummy. And I shall keep this picture here in reminder of me having to work out more on my tummy LOL.

And in a blink of an eye, performances were completed and it was time to announce the winners. First, they gave out the 5 consolation prizes. And at the fourth consolation prize, "Level 19!!" -our name was called.

At first, I was shocked hearing our name being called. If a vid was recorded, you could see how shocked I was back then lol. Super hope that they've made a mistake. Quite disappointed, to be honest. :/ But still, we smiled and received our prize. :) Pic credits to 여김결.

Picture of all the participants. :)

The prize and I. (w/ my smiling but almost gonna cry face lol) Oh and roses from Bryan who came to support. :)

And then, something comforting happened: The Korean judge who speaks English, personally came up to me and told me that he thinks I did good. He said that he scored very high for us but too bad for the other judges, we didn't win. He asked me not to give up, but to train harder and come back to compete again. Gosh, I was so flattered. :))

For consolation, we received a cert of participation and a prize.

The prize consisting a few files with K-stars on the covers (2 out of 5 are of Lee Min Ho- my oppa <3 so yes, I love the gift. :)), and 5 Korean-made belts.

I've always wanted to participate in a dance competition and even though we didn't win, I'm glad I did it. The experience was priceless and I've met many new friends. The competition proved to myself my status as a dancer and I assure you this would NOT BE MY LAST. :)

With all the love,


蓓蓓PeiPei said...

where did u buy ur shirt??? like it so much... <3

-JoJo- said...

Friendzoned detected.


blue mice army said...

LOL, i watch the video 1st~
then i scroll down, saw ur belly pic~
is lik OMG~
gambateh in shaping it ya~(jkjk)

btw, 1st time saw dancing comp prize is with poster lor~

wзiyiи oHh Yinyin said...

you have done well :]

kxin♥ said...

@PeiPei It's actually my team mate, Khai's top. It's a H&M piece :)

@Jojo LOL no leh. :P

@Bluemice LOL. I'll try my best haha x)But they are not posters oh, they are files. :)

@Weiyin Thanks girl! :)

blue mice army said...

saw it wrongly~

kxin♥ said...

@Bluemice No worries. :)

Michelle Yau said...

uh oh.. thats really great keryn lol :)

kxin♥ said...

Thanks Michelle! :)

WawaY of Philippines said...

for me your the winner!!!

kxin♥ said...

Just saw this. Thanks! :D