Thursday, January 5, 2012

Travelled to Singapore

It was a cloudy afternoon when I took off to Singapore on the 22nd. :)

Didn't sleep in the plane cuz it was my first time flying alone and I was full of anxiety (in a good way lol). And also, i didn't manage to take a good picture of myself on the plane, because the lady sitting a row behind me kept staring into the camera when I did self shots. It was super creepy, so I stopped LOL.

Picked up at the airport by Uncle Tiong and Aunt Deb in their awesome Volkswagen convertible. #forevergrateful

Had dinner at Popeye's before heading back. The franchise is like KFC, fast food outlet with fried chicken as the main product. But they also offer fried seafood like shrimp, dory etc. Food was awesome. I like. :)

Some pictures of my aunt's neighborhood. Nice right? :)

Don't be freaked out by the first picture it was only my little cousin. :) Second picture, little cousin's butt. Last picture was me taking a swim. (Why am I explaining all this? lol)

 Next morning starts my shopping journey. :)

And I was given the task of meeting my cousin at the airport at 7.05pm that day.

And as you can see, from Yishun (across on red line), I had a LONG way to go before arriving at Changi Airport (right-most of green line). No complains, I planned my journey as to make stops along the MRT track and shop along the way.

I went to 4 malls that day, I think. Junction 8 was my last stop before heading to the airport, I think.

I was desperately in search of Starbucks, but I couldn't find one anywhere. Posted in Twitter and got help from CP, but it was too far from where i was at so yeah. Finally I gave up, settled down at a Mcd and had mcflurry. Then I took a picture of stuff I bought that day. Looks little right? But I've spent around s$200 that day. :/

#foreveralone Picture took at Tanah Merah station, I think.

Christmas decorations at Changi Airport. Changi, Y U so into Angry Birds? ><

Blackforest frap.

Arrived at around 6.30 and walked around to find Starbucks, but again I couldn't find one. So I waited at Coffee Bean. Then I received news that the flight was delayed and I had to wait another hour lol. And so, I sat there for an hour more. #foreveralone

Only after finishing my drink I found directory that said Starbucks is available at another terminal fml.

#foreveralone no more! :D

Met up with the gorgeous one and we stopped at CityLink Mall, I think, to have dinner. (Lol loads of I thinks cuz I'm a very forgetful person. :/)

Her fried pork rice and my carbonara. :)

Saw this anime-wannabe blue hair guy and was asked to take pictures to show lil sis, saying that surely she would love him. No doubt bout that! Ahaha uber randomness.

Then we caught up with a friend of mine whose studying there, and watched a movie together.

Alvin and the Chipmunks 3

Used the Korean version poster cuz perhaps it would be funny? #fail. Not my kind of movie but still, it was fun to watch. Laughed loads. Rate it 7/10. The most important thing, Theodore is soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee gosh! 

And that's all for now. Update soon! Till then. :)

With all the love,


blue mice army said...

if the last ohoto is u urself swimming~
then hu is taking the photo??!

kxin♥ said...

My lil cousins. They were playing with my cam.