Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Singapore: Christmas Day @ Marina Bay Sands

It was Christmas day, and we spent it at Marina Bay. :) ShotByRandomPeople #1 

Here friend. Your request, Marina Bay Sands. :P

This is a huge shopping mall. If you love high-end fashion and fabulous shopping, then this is your place for sure.

 Most realistic Santa I've ever seen. :D He has blue eyes and freckles. Oh so adorable!! ShotByRandomPeople #2

Cousin's attempt to dive into the fountain lol. 

And this was right above the fountain. From the outside, it's actually a wishing well! People throw coins, aiming at the hole in the middle to drop them into the fountain.

I've thrown 3 Malaysian coins, and the 3rd one got in! Make my wish come true please!! :))

After walking around the place, we then wanted to go to the Merlion, which was at the other side of the river. (Refer second picture: Marina Bay Sands-right side, Merlion- left corner towards the middle. Lol get it?)

We wanted to walk, but then the inner conflict began: Walking is healthier! But it's so far! You can walk off 2kg's if you get there by foot! But the sun is so hot!!

In the end, we took the water taxi LOL.

Here friend, your second request! The DNA bridge. :)) And also the Singapore flyer.

View of the Skypark from the boat. We didn't visit it because it costs s$20 but the swimming pool and garden were limited to hotel guests' access. :/

Us with the merlion. :) ShotByRandomPeople #3

Outfit's the usuals except for the top. Didn't bring enough clothes so yea. Got the peculiar shape/design top from Bugis Street at s$7.5 . :)

Tea time at Starbucks. :)

I had the salted caramel panna cotta and cousin ordered the curry puff. The peppermint mocha was a Christmas special not available in Kuching so I tried it. But, nooo gooooood. :/

Here, I left a green sticky note for a guy wearing an orange shirt, using HP laptop. Lol, my cousin made me do it. He was doing school assignments, I think, and he was all alone, ON CHRISTMAS DAY! Yes, Starbucks is a place where you give and receive love. ;) So yeah, hope the note cheered him up. :))

I know you'd like to know more on the topic but no, moving on.  :P

On the way to Marina Square, we walked by this part of the garden where people gathered around writing on giant white balloons.

The balloons were to be released into the air on New Year's day, if not mistaken. And people were writing down there wishes for the new year. A guy came up to us and handed over markers so we joined in too. :))

My wish and I. :))

Cousin and her wish. :)

If you don't understand chinese, the 4 words meant: I want handsome guys. LOL she's so adorable.

Marina Square. :)

This guy rode around the mall on the funny little thing with his daughter. Awww I want a husband like this. :)))) Sorry for shooting your husband lady don't get angry!

I want a husband like this guy tooo. :)) <3 <3

Went back to Bugis Street to get something we each regret not getting the day before lol.

Then we had supper at Mcd's, and met a new friend too. :) I know you'd like to know bout this too and all but no, details are reserved. :P

What we bought that day, and little presents we got for our aunt and 3 cousins. :))

With all the love,


-JoJo- said...

OMFG! Her wish was granted! That balloon works!

kxin♥ said...

Oh yeah ho!! Lol didn't thought of that. Hahaha

ah^kam_koko' said...

OMG! I was in Singapore for Christmas too!

kxin♥ said...

Oh cool! :)