Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day

I'm constantly pointing out to people that I don't want to be in a relationship.

Reasons being - I like being single. I dislike restrictions and drama. I'm not sure whether I've mentioned this before, but I tend to get very emotional when I'm a girlfriend. I mean, I'd get jealous, I'd cry when i feel insecure (and I always feel insecure). I don't like it one bit having myself be that way. Also, my plan since forever is that I wanna go away to study (be it will that truly happen or not). I don't think I can cope with long distance and I do not want to see a relationship ended just because of that. So yeah, staying single it is.

But despite what I've said before, I think that there's a possibility I might soon lose the single status I've been carrying with me for the past 1 yr+. :) #justsaying

Back to topic.

Note that I won't be mentioning names alright. :) So it was the night before Valentine's. Two brothers/buddies of mine came over with presents for me. Lol I thought they were playing pranks on me till I was like, "Stop kidding already!". But who knew they were serious, and to be honest, I was touched. :)

They got me an orange rose, and a pair of sports wear bottom for dancing. And this cute hand-made clay pig phone accessory - my current phone accessory, which I won't be taking down any time soon. :)

We then went for a romantic dinner for 3 at Sharing Planet, lol. Besides getting me the pig, they got themselves each a tiger and a monkey too. :))

It wasn't a public holiday on Valentine's Day itself so as usual, I went to work.

And when I reached home that afternoon, I found a card stuck on the front door. In the card, there were instructions to the next card. So I followed them one by one, walked around the house and collected 5 cards.

I was lead to my room by instructions in the 4th card. And I found the last card underneath my pillow, alongside a present. Awww.

At first, I didn't know how he pulled this off. Wondered how did he get into the house and do all that. This guy put in an effort to surprise me and it was really sweet. :)

The one on the right was given in Jan, asking me whether or not I'd be his Valentine. The rose in the middle was given on the occasion itself. And the bouquet of white roses was a random gift for me received a few days ago.

These bouquets were presents from another guy. Having mixed feelings about this matter because I am constantly having issues with the person. :C When one thing's resolved, some other things would come up. Dramatic, sigh.

Lastly, received a pink Teddy bear from him. Love it, hugging it to sleep everyday. :)

I didn't have a romantic dinner spent with someone special like most girls did though. Spent my night at dancing class, and there were only 4 of us there that night. Felt bits pathetic cuz the teacher kept teasing us that we're all forever alone lol. 

But it's alright, I have no complaints. :)

Last picture before signing out. :) Camera made my skin look wonderful and I thank it for that, lol.

With all the love,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore

I'm here to write about my Universal Studios experience, as I've promised not very long ago. :) 

After a long loooong wait, I've uploaded 60+ pictures that I wanted to compile into this post. ...But in the end, I decided to only talk about a portion lol. So yeah, 3 quarters of uploaded pictures and precious time went to waste. ><

We went to Universal Studios on the day after Christmas, aka Boxing Day, 26/12/2011. It was a peak-season day, and hence, the place was super crowded. Long queues of people at the entrance waiting to get into the park.

We got the additional Express ticket for an extra S$50. This ticket you hold gives you the liberty to skip long queues so as to save time, and you get to enjoy the rides faster. I think it was really worth it. :D

Hollywood Boulevard. :)

Hollywood zone consists of mostly restaurants and souvenir shops. And there was this random shop where they provided funky hats for visitors to take pictures with. :)

Marilyn Monroe. She had her flirty way-of-talking the whole time and every shot she took with the visitors were professional classic posses. I love this woman!

We queued to have our picture taken with her and when it came our turn, I enthusiastically said to her, "You are so pretty!" Then she enthusiastically replied, "Oooohh! I was about to say the same to you too!" Yes, I love this woman. Haha.

New York. :)

Tell me, what's the first TV show that came into your mind when you see this picture? 

How I Met Your Mother? IKR!! :D

P.S. I want to live in New York someday. If not live, at least a holiday spent there would be nice. :) 

To laze in a coffee shop the whole day, do nothing and just dream the day away...

To chase after cabs on the streets....

To listen to the noisy road side constructions, and yell from my apartment upstairs asking them to shut up.....

And have my dress blown up by steam from underground drains...? Lol. Yup, that's the dream. :) 

3 pretty blondes sang and danced, performed for the audience. Forgot what were they called. They shined their loveliest smiles and confidence during their performance, and it was amazing to watch. :)

In the late afternoon after we visited other zones of the park, we went back to Hollywood just to take a picture with KungFu Panda Po. But no, Po is not the character you see in the picture. If you don't know that, then you have serious issues lol.

As for Po, it's another story and we'll get to that the next time. :)

Outfit for the day, cousin and I decided that we'd match with each other. We wore white crop tops over black spaghetti straps, and jeans.  Love the crop tops from Cotton On, 2 for S$30. Don't we look awfully cute like sisters. :)

Continue soon. See you!

With all the love,

P.P.S. STPM results out tomorrow. Wanted to write about that but I decided to skip the negative thoughts. Still, I don't know what to expect! Dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Val's Day

Bouquets of red and pink roses......

A box of Ferrero Rochers..... (half finished, feeling guilty here. :P)

Diamond earrings and a platinum ring....

...were all not mine, but MY MUM's Valentine's Day presents! Haha bet you didn't expect that at all. :P #faints.

I planned to update bout my Valentine's Day soon. It was a bitter sweet day for me, and I have loads to talk about. :) But after reading Jojo's most recent blog post about bitches showing off their expensive Valentine's Day on Facebook, i'm having second thoughts here. :P Haha.Well, I'll think about it. :)

With all the love,

Beach w/ Loves

Had an overnight trip at Damai Beach Resort with my loves once again. :)) 

It was only 3pm something and despite the hot sun, the brothers were already hyped to play on the beach. They were like running around playing frisbee. Crazyyyyyyy -in a good way? lol.

Sisters and I? Stayed under the shades and took pictures. :))

Were the pictures confusing you? Haha. We were taking turns, playing the spinning game. :)

So here's how the game works: You have a friend throw the frisbee. Then you start to spin with your head attached to the log for 10 rounds. Then you quickly run to touch the frisbee. No time recorded and hence no winners, no losers. Lololol pointless I know! We had nothing better to do. :)

Took this picture before we started to play "Running Man". Love this picture. :D

Like the Korean tv show Running Man which I love, we basically ran around the compound of the resort to find a hidden treasure (a piece of paper picked up on the beach) and we had two from our group chasing us to eliminate us. Crazyyyyyyyyyyy

Played Chase on the beach too- just like how we did when we were kids. :)

那些年 inspired photos taken. :))

Not gonna update long as I'm going to bed soon. In short, the night was fun-filled with games and punishments, and of course long talks. Love the arrangement of our beds that night. Hopefully next time we're there we'll have the bed arrangement again. :D And next day with the waves, was superb too.

On a sad note, however, I didn't take much pictures. Also, something disturbing happened to one of bro and he was at times feeling very down. :C Hope he's alright now.

With all the love,