Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beach w/ Loves

Had an overnight trip at Damai Beach Resort with my loves once again. :)) 

It was only 3pm something and despite the hot sun, the brothers were already hyped to play on the beach. They were like running around playing frisbee. Crazyyyyyyy -in a good way? lol.

Sisters and I? Stayed under the shades and took pictures. :))

Were the pictures confusing you? Haha. We were taking turns, playing the spinning game. :)

So here's how the game works: You have a friend throw the frisbee. Then you start to spin with your head attached to the log for 10 rounds. Then you quickly run to touch the frisbee. No time recorded and hence no winners, no losers. Lololol pointless I know! We had nothing better to do. :)

Took this picture before we started to play "Running Man". Love this picture. :D

Like the Korean tv show Running Man which I love, we basically ran around the compound of the resort to find a hidden treasure (a piece of paper picked up on the beach) and we had two from our group chasing us to eliminate us. Crazyyyyyyyyyyy

Played Chase on the beach too- just like how we did when we were kids. :)

那些年 inspired photos taken. :))

Not gonna update long as I'm going to bed soon. In short, the night was fun-filled with games and punishments, and of course long talks. Love the arrangement of our beds that night. Hopefully next time we're there we'll have the bed arrangement again. :D And next day with the waves, was superb too.

On a sad note, however, I didn't take much pictures. Also, something disturbing happened to one of bro and he was at times feeling very down. :C Hope he's alright now.

With all the love,

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