Sunday, February 5, 2012

Movies watched recently

Went to MBO to watch movie with cousins the other day. :) We watched The Viral Factor, starring Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse. Picture credits to Carmen

So anyway, movie was bad for me. Story line was bad. Everything except for Nicholas Tse's acting. Gosh he was so good. Jay's character's mother also did a good job with the crying scenes. I'm sorry to say that I was truly disappointed with Jay Chou's performance though. I watched The Green Hornet and so I had great expectations for him in this movie, but to me mostly all he did was act cool.

And for the fact that most of the scenes were shot in Malaysia, it was weird for me lol. Usually in movies, the characters would sometimes speak in foreign languages and you think to yourself, how cool it would be if I'd understand what they're saying? And now that they were speaking in BM and I understood, it's just weird la lol. And the police, gah don't get me started on the police. Plus, when the father died, everyone laughed. When Tse's character cried, everyone laughed. #fail

Oh, spoiler. At the start of the movie, you'll see Jay's character being pulled out of the water by someone wearing a floral top and granma pants. So my instinct told me that the person would be an old lady or something. In the end, it turned out to be Tse's character. LOL SO UNEXPECTABLE.

Lost interest in the movie since 5 minutes into it, and suffered alot to finish it. But my cousins said it was alright so, oh well. *Dislikes Rate 4/10.

Went to watch Chronicle earlier just now.

Did not watch the trailer and did not read any reviews before hand, so just based on the poster, I did not have much expectations for this movie. But it proved me wrong - great movie this movie! Love the concept and the plot. The story is very exciting as a whole and suspense kept building and building. Surprising twists here and there. Did not expect the story to go how it did so it was awesome. Rate it 8/10. EVERYBODY GO WATCH! :D

And that's all from me for today. Good night. :)

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blue mice army said...

m going 2 watch The Chronicle too ^^

kxin♥ said...

Yes yes *support :D