Monday, March 19, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore III

Now moving on to my favorite zone in Universal Studios, Far far away. <3

Before visiting US itself, this was already the zone I most looked forward to. Basically this zone revolved around Shrek and Fiona and Donkey. I wanted to come to this zone first but it was located in the middle so yea. :/

The super pretty, dreamy, lovely castle. <3 <3 <3 

P.S. I haven't went to Disney Land before I wanna go. :'( The castle would be so magical to see.

Upon arrival at Far Far Away, we saw Puss in Boots but we didn't manage to catch a picture with him. Desperately looked out for him for the rest of the day cuz he was cute, and we wanted so bad to take a picture with him. :(

This picture is slanted, but I still love it so much cuz it was taken for us by a 7/8 yrs old little girl. :)

We watched Donkey, accompanied by pianist Captian Hook and drummer Headless Knight, performed for us at a show called Donkey Live.

It was like a stand-up show after that and there was an interactive session. It was really cool cuz the visitor could actually interact with Donkey in real time and Donkey would spontaneously respond, which was cool.

The guy in the picture was asked smell his armpits and to pledge not to take baths for a month. LOL.

@Shrek's house. There was also another 4D Shrek thing but I'm lazy to talk about it. :)

We were bout to have a picture with Shrek and Fiona but unfortunately, the 20 minutes meet-and-greet session was up. Been told that the next meet and greet session would be at 6.20pm. So we helplessly watched them walk away. :(

The last zone in the park, Madagascar. :D

The beautiful Merry-Go-Round made of Madagascar characters.

Then there was a tunnel boat ride with a Madagascar story being told on both sides of the river bank. The characters were moving and talking, and there were dramatic lights and sounds along the way. Loved it!

There was once, a waterfall appeared right in front of the trail. We thought we'd get soaked but when we were about to go under it, the water stream parted to the sides. It was so cool!! Lol.

This cute blonde kid was sitting in front of me. Before the ride, the kid kept asking the person-in-charge, "Is the ride very fast? Will it be very scary?" in the cutest American accent. Awww.

Lion, Hippo Gloria, and the annoying Penguins. :D

So we've finished visiting the 7 zones and went back to Hollywood. Then we saw Kungfu Panda Po! But again, we were not in time for the meet-and-greet session lol.

So for the time being, we just got a shot with Frankenstein like what I've said in the first post la. We were told then, that the next session for Po would be at 6.20pm. And at once we were like, wtf Po's time exactly the same with Shrek's time!! Cham!

As to wait for 6.20pm, we went walking around again. And now I have to confess that my Universal Studios posts didn't go accordingly to chronology lol. Only at this time, we went to ride the Accelerator, and the mummy ride. ><

By the time we reached Far Far away once again, we bumped into Puss in Boots! Got a shot with him, and felt really lucky for that. He was adorable! :D

At exactly 6.20pm, we went back to the tent and got a shot with Shrek and Fiona. :D P.S. Fiona looked really scary in person!!

Then right after, we ran like crazy back to Hollywood to catch up with Po. LOL I should've videoed how we ran from Far far away, half across the wide compounds of Universal Studios, straight to Hollywood. We both were basically desperate at that point and it was hilarious.

Thank God! We caught up got the shot with Po. :D But if we hadn't cut queue, we'd miss the chance once more. I feel guilty now. :/ 

Okay after all the drama, we were supposed to catch a musical called Monster something at the Hollywood Theater starting at 6.30pm.  

But we saw a crowd gathering around to watch a Break dance showcase. So, we stopped and watched. And for that we skipped the musical, and who knows what awesomeness we've missed? Like seriously.

Cousin said to me, why did we give in to boys so easily?? LOLOLOL. I don't know girl, I really don't know..

After the showcase, the crew posed for pictures with the visitors too. While taking the picture, we each hugged the dancer we liked the most lolol.

I honestly don't know why cousin liked the one she did, haha. But as for my choice, he had the cutest smile ever! Adorabruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

Christmas tree at Vivo City after we left Sentosa that night.

And that's the end of my Universal Studios and as a whole, my singapore trip! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it. :)

With all the love,

Friday, March 9, 2012


Okie so STPM results were released on the 7th of March. Yes, I got my results too. But no, I didn't do as good as I hoped to.

Mum jokingly said to me, "Eeee I thought you'd get at least a 3.5 for me," but I know she's more or less disappointed by my grades. Daddy comforted me by saying, "You are one of the 16% so you are considered good la. Congratulations." But still, I think I've let them down. :C

The teacher was taking picture of students and he asked Ive, Pheng and I to join in the picture with the top scorers. Who knew, the reported snapped a picture, and it came out in the news.

Gosh now people think I'm one of the top scorers like seriously. ><

Quite absurd really, lol. But it's a nice picture of me so I shall happily keep the newspaper cutting. ;)

Happy for my sister (From left No5), who has achieved the one and only 4 Flat in the Science stream of the school. Congrats also to Joshua sis for getting 4A and 1A- (From right No5). And for the sister (Middle) that got 3A and one A-. I know you're sad bout your results but seriously, it's good enough edy. So proud of you guys! And congrats to all my friends from Form 6. We did it, it's over. :)

So you think this is the end of our stress and anxiety? Not even close!

We still have to worry bout getting our butts into universities, and having to choose the right course for ourselves. In short, I pray that I get accepted into the uni I want despite the horrendous results I got.

With all the love,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore II

Love this picture a lot alot. The transfomer love it too. :)

So we're now at Universal Studio's Sci-fi City zone. Basically it's Transfomers-themed, with high-tect looking setting and all.  And here's where the rides began. :D

Rode 4D 'Transformers: The Ride' and it was awesome. 

Story is: You are one of the transformers and you had to battle with the evil transformers around New York (Are the robots called Transformers just like that? Lol I've no idea i never watch the movies). And in the end you succeed! 

Galactica: Humans VS Cyclones

There are two roller coasters comprised into one site: Humans are the red track, and cyclones, the blue. The cool thing about this is that the rides for both tracks starts at the same time every round, and while you're on the ride you can also see the other cart whooshing with you.

My brain always told me that I've became afraid of roller coasters. but my heart proved to me that I'm not! 

Before getting onto the Red ride, I was super super nervous and scared. But after the ride, I was so glad I didn't chicken out, and so pumped up to get on the Blue ride. Sad thing was that after our ride on the red track cousin felt like throwing up. So I accompanied her and passed on the Blue ride.

The Accelerator. Looks hard-core. Thought we'd get dizzy, but we didn't.

Think it's a ride for kids. :)

 A shot with dunno-what-the-heck-is-that. :)

After that we moved on to Acient Eygypt. :) 

Mummy ride in this zone was awesome too! Cousin was indecisive about getting onto the ride but luckily I managed to convince her, and gladly, she didn't regret riding it.

Look at his abs!

Look at her abs!! But she doesn't talk and she looked fierce. :(

Then we went on an adventure ride (forgot what it's called).

Despite the super-fake beetles lol, the hippo and crocs all looked so realistic! Too bad they don't splash water, or jump up from the pond to scare the tourists, else it would be thousand times more awesome. :D

Jurassic Park was bits disappointing for us because one of the rides closed down for the moment. :C

Waterworks. We caught the show at 4.30pm, and it was definitely the high-light of my day! There were water bikes, fire, guns and explosions. And lots of water!

Views to our right and left. We sat in the second row exactly at the very middle, aka the Wet Zone. 

We were conflicting whether or not we should sit there cuz we haven't any umbrellas or raincoats, and we didn't bring extra clothes. In the end, we acquired the courage to do so. In short, we had to watch the people sitting on our left and right being splashed with water over and over again and at the end of the show, we're both still dry. ==

To be continued! :)

With all the love,