Sunday, March 4, 2012


The gang made me go out almost every night for the past few weeks. And thanks to them my money is BYE BYE! Recently we've hung out at Java Juice, Pete's western, 101, Tarot, Emporium, Kado, etc etc and just now, Isabella.

Lol but as always, I'm not complaining la. Cuz we'd have lots of fun every time we go out together. And no matter where we're at, we're always the loudest table. >< A sad thing though, is that I don't snap pictures that much anymore. So yea, no blog posts!

Picture was the time we went for go carts. We intended to go for Laser Tag, but the facility is under maintainance. :C Matching caps with Lester, bought from KL from KC. :)

Had to put on shower caps before wearing the helmets. Blur picture because the camera striked against having to snap such an ugly picture lol. LUNCH LADIES ALERT!

101 one night. Bumped into some good friends. :D

Went roller skating again the other night with the cousins. Never could get the hang of it no matter how many times I've played it siennnnnnnnn


With all the love,


Wch'ng said...

hahahaha!! "money is BYE BYE" lol

*-* said...

Wow!what such a nice blog.